Java Frameworks you should know

Top 6 Java Frameworks you should know

As you know what frameworks are and how they make your work simple and easy. Frameworks are a set of pre-written codes that perform certain tasks without having to write the whole code from scratch. Some of the codes have various applications as well.

When you build your program on top of a framework, your program will be solid and fast compared to if you do not build on a program.

The structure of the application depends on the framework that you use. So, while choosing a framework, one must keep in mind what are the requirements of the application and which framework will perform its task in the best manner.

Now, without wasting a minute, let’s get started to see what are the top 6 frameworks that you can use while working on Java.

6 frameworks for Java –

1.       Spring Framework - 
It is a light-weight powerful application development framework use for 
Java Enterprise (JEE). The features of this framework can be used to create any type of Java application. It supports JDBC that is known to improve productivity and reduce errors. This framework provides backward compatibility and testability of the code. 
Companies that use Spring Framework- 
(i) Netflix
(ii) Yatra
(iii) Amazon

2.       Hibernate Framework - 
It is an ORM mapping framework for Java that is open-source and free. The communication between Java and the RDBMS is made possible and better with the use of this framework. It is maintainable, productive, and portable. It removes repetitive codes from the program. 
Companies that use Hibernate Framework - 
(i) DELL
(ii) Accenture 
(iii) IBM

3.       Struts Framework - 
This framework is under the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It creates easy to maintain Java applications. It reduces the time taken on a program making it easier to handle the application. Struts are basically used to develop MVC web applications. 
Companies that use Struts Framework - 
(i) Infosys
(ii) NexGen Technologies
(iii) Accenture 

4.       Google Web Toolkit Framework - 
It is a free open-source framework. Since it is developed by Google, a lot of Google products are using this framework like AdSenseGoogle Wallet, and Blogger. The biggest benefit that GWT offers is that it is developer-friendly and uses Google APIs. It offers portability, UI abstraction, bookmarking, and history management.

5.       JavaServer Faces Framework - 
JSF is developed by Oracle. It is stable and helps in building native applications. It is based on the MVC software design pattern. It has excellent libraries and tools. One of the major benefits of this is that it is a Component-based UI framework. 

6.       Grails Framework - 
This framework is coined by the Groovy JVM programming language. The syntax of this framework is compatible with Java. It has easy to read documentation and is very friendly to use by the developers. Most e-commerce sites use this framework due to its flexibility and object mapping feature. 

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these 6 frameworks that are listed above will make your programs and applications run easily and in a seamless manner.

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