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These terms, unless the same has been excluded by any other party to which the company or the user will create a binding legal contract between you and the company. If you using the company products it means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the company and if you do not agree to these terms then you are simply not authorized to use all or any portion of the company product.

The term user shall mean all persons natural or artificial that visit the site and also the registered user those have registered themselves by providing us the data. If you are a parent and you authorize your child to access the company product then you will be liable and responsible if any damage happens. For this site is intended to be used by a natural person and if he/she is above the age of thirteen.

If you are accessing the company products on behalf of any other entity then you represent and warrant (a) you are an authorized representative on their behalf and that you have the permission to access to these terms (b) you agree to bind on these terms on behalf of the entity you are accessing through.

1. General

The products enable the users to learn via live and recorded videos through our proprietary software. The services include facilitating and hosting courses and taking valuable feedback from the users. You understand and acknowledge these terms and also agree to them.

Changes on the terms- The company has the full authority to change or revise the terms without any prior notice to the customers. Any revised data will be effective only if has been posted. You are required to check the site regularly for any revision or changes in the terms. Your continued use of the company products will mean that you have agreed to the revised version of the terms. This will not withstand any dispute between the company and the user.

Changes in services- The services can be changed at given point of time and if you are not satisfied with the changes then you can discontinue the use of the company products. If you use the company products and communicate with us, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically either by posting a notice on the site or by email.

2. Connectivity Costs and Equipment

You will be sole responsible for the services, internet, telephony or other fees associated with your access to and use of the company products not limited to the data charged imposed by a wireless carrier or service of the internet.

Internally developed systems are used to make the company products available to the user. Systems may encounter interruptions due to technical and computer hardware. Company keeps on improvising the company products and services so that the user can experience the better use of the systems. Because of this, there might be some slow response and the smooth functioning of the system and the user might be hampered. The user agrees that the company shall not be liable and shall not be questioned for this failure.

3. Fees and Taxes

Access to these sites and browsing of the content of the course is free of cost. The company has the right to change it fees policies at any time and can charge for viewing its content. However, the change shall not be liable if the user does not agree to such changes.

All the fees and applicable taxes are to be paid in the timely manner according to the company’s payments method. If the payment fails or your account is past due then we may collect the fees using other payment methods. We may block your use of the company products if there is any amount due by you to the company.

4. Conduct

We have no mechanism to control comments/views/opinions posted on the site and we do not guarantee in any manner the reliability, validity and credibility of such contents. By using the site you might understand that you are exposed to Submitted contents which might be offensive, indecent or even objectionable. You therefore agree to hold the company harmless from and against any and all claims, notices and actions that might have risen due to access or use of any submitted content.

Those who have access to and use the company products from other locations, including from outside India, may do so with their own will and will be responsible for compliance with local laws, if to any extent the local laws are applicable. Use of the company products from jurisdictions where the content of the site is illegal, unauthorized or even penalized is strictly prohibited.

5. Registration and Identity Protection

For using any company products, you have to create the username, password to register yourself and to obtain an account. The details you use for registering to our company might be used by us for offering content, customer service and network management. You will be sole responsible for your confidentiality of your account details, i.e, username and password. You must immediately inform us if there is any unauthorized activity from your account and other breach of security. You must ensure that you exit from your account after the end of each course. If there is any loss the company will not be liable. However, you agree that you will be liable for any loss that may incur by us or by Third Party by the use of your account, excluding only if you have informed us before.

You agree that you won’t let any third person to use your account or you may not use anybody else’s account at any given point of time. In case you have given the permission to access or use your account, including a minor as well, you will be fully responsible for the conduct of the user, controlling the user’s access to use the services and any mis happening due to the use account.

For further information on how we use your information, kindly visit our privacy policy page.

6. Accuracy of Account Information

You agree to provide only true information about yourself to the company and in the registration form as well. The information and data should be true, accurate, current and complete and should comply with the terms. If information provided by you is untrue or misleading or it is believed to be by us then we have the authority to terminate your account and restrict your future use of the company products and services for a short time or for lifetime, without any liability to you.

7. User and Submitted Content

Any materials or information that you post or upload on or through company products will be treated non- confidential and subject to license below and maybe reproduced and circulated to the public through different means of communication by us or by any third party.

8. Copyright

You acknowledge that all the technology and software underlying the services be it designs, audio, visual, artwork, photos, images, graphics, electronic art, animations, illustrations or any other data or copyrightable materials including the selection and arrangements of the data or information provided to you are property of company and its affiliated third parties.

You agree that all the materials displayed are only for your personal use and that you will not reproduce, circulate or distribute any matter in any way and through any media like emails or other electronic means and will not assist any other person in doing so. The materials shall only be used for personal matters and that any other use is a violation of the said copyrights and trademarks and is strictly prohibited. If in any case any content is given to you or is downloaded by you, it does not mean that you the right over the contents. The company reserves all the rights.

All services rendered by you is a part of this agreement and all your works are made for hire. The company shall have all the exclusive and sole ownership rights on the intellectual property that is developed by us as a part of this agreement. All the rights, titles and interest in and all the copyrights of the work and all the actions, either law or in equity for past, present and future works based on the copyrights and all the rights shall vest with the company with respect to the works in this agreement.

9. Links

As you will use the company products you will notice third party links or pop-ups that will redirect you their site or instructors link. These links are only for convenience. If you use these links, you will the site you are currently on. Third party sites may use company’s intellectual property rights such as trademarks, service marks or logos and trade name under the license from the company. The company however will not be responsible for any content on the Third-Party sites and for any damages and viruses encountered through the use of the third-party sites. Also, these links are not endorsement or approval by company and is not sponsoring these links or their services and you may be subjected to offensive and harmful content on such Third-Party sites. You should check their policy and terms and conditions for their services and product.

You agree that company will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred to you by the use of the Third-Party sites and any dealings that you have with the third party and on their site as the result of the content or advertisement present on the site.

10. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless to us and our affiliates, officers, directors, agents, partners, employees, licensors, party etc. against all losses, damages, cost and claims and demands including fees and cost related expenses due to any content or data you submit, post or email or by any means, your connections to the site or services or your breach of these terms. The company holds all rights to defense and control any matter which is otherwise subject to indemnification by you. You agree to fully cooperate in such situations.

11. Dispute Resolution

Mandatory arbitration. You and company and each of the link between us agree to arbitration except for matters that may be taken to the court. In respect with the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as the exclusive form of dispute resolution except all disputes happening out or relating to these terms and use of the company products.

There shall be an arbitrator appointed by you and company jointly and the seat for the arbitration will be in Bangalore, India. The language of the arbitration and decisions shall be in English.

These terms shall be governed and constructed by and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India and subject to provisions of arbitration set out, the courts at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes arising out due to these terms.

12. Termination of Services; Termination of Agreement

We may terminate your use of the company policies and products immediately with or without notice for any breach by you of these terms and laws. Also, we may terminate your use of company products for any other reason or without any reason.

In the event of termination or expiration of these terms, the following sections of the terms shall survive. All provisions regarding ownership of intellectual property, disclaimer and warranty disclaimer, limitation of liability, dispute resolution or any other provisions of these Terms which, by their nature, apply after termination. You agree that after the termination, all your details would be deleted on the services and may restrict your access to and use of the company’s products. Upon termination, you shall delete all the downloaded and printed copy of the company’s content.

You are free to terminate your use of the company’s products and services at any given point. You could simply stop visiting and using it. If you wish to terminate you use of the company’s product you could simply email us or call us.

13. Purchase Via RP-EMI

In this purchase Edustrom is bearing the interest on behalf of the learner. In case of failed EMI payments, Edustrom can reach out to you requesting a changed card or update balance. If there is no response after multiple attempts then Edustrom can remove your access.