Top 6 frameworks for JavaScript

Top 6 frameworks for JavaScript

JavaScript framework is an application framework that is written in JavaScript. It defines the entire application design. The framework uses the code in a particular way. It follows a model-view-controller (MVC) design to segregate the web application. Frameworks make it easier to write applications and that is why developers always strive to choose the best for their development.

There are many frameworks for any programming language. So, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one for your need. It is important to know frameworks because only then you can make the best out of it.  

To help you out with it, we have mentioned the top 6 frameworks that you can choose for JavaScript.

6 Frameworks for JavaScript

1.       AngularJS Framework
It is one of the most powerful and efficient JavaScript frameworks. It is operated by Google and is used for developing Single Page Application (SPA). AngularJS helps in combining HTML and CSS with JavaScript. Websites that use AngularJS- (i) Google (ii) YouTube and many more.
Features of AngularJS are -
(i) MVC Architecture
(ii) Two- way binding
(iii) Single Page application
(iv) HTML UI

2.       ReactJS Framework
It is a library that is maintained by Facebook for building interactive and complex UI. Over 3 lakh websites are using this framework. Websites that use ReactJS- (I) Microsoft (ii) Yahoo.
Features of ReactJS are -
(i) Virtual DOM
(ii) JSX
(iii) Unidirectional data flow
(iv) Component

3.       Vue Framework
 It is an open-source framework for building creative UI. Vue is designed to be adaptable. Over 36,000 websites are using Vue. Companies that use Vue are (i) Stackoverflow (ii) Playstation and many more. Features of Vue framework are-
(i) It is small in size
(ii) Template
(iii) Adaptable
(iv) Detailed Documents

4.       JQuery Framework
When we talk about the oldest framework in JavaScript, then it is JQuery. It is the oldest framework for JavaScript. It is around 12years old. Quite old, right? It was created by John Resig in 2006 and it is a fast and concise library. Companies that use JQuery are (i) WordPress (ii) Facebook (iii) Google (iv) IBM and many more.
Features of JQuery are-
(i) Easy DOM manipulation
(ii) Large community of contributors
(iii) AJAX support
(iv) Cross-browser Support

5.       Backbone JS Framework -
It is designed to run on the client-side applications in a web browser because it is lightweight. The developer has the right to choose the tool that works best for the given project which makes it convenient for the developers.  Websites using BackboneJS- (i) Tumblr (ii) ESPN and many more.
Features of this framework -
(i) Event-driven communication
(ii) Less code is required
(iii) Sync with backend
(iv) Separate Business logic

6.       NodeJS Framework -
It is an open-source, server-side platform that is built on Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. Around 84,000 websites are using NodeJS. NodeJS is the most downloaded and cross-platform runtime environment for executing the JavaScript Code.
Features of this framework are -
(i) Lightning fast speed
(ii) Faster Data Streaming
(iii) Single threaded
(iv) Non-Blocking


With this, we come to the end of this blog.

We are sure that this will help you listing out the frameworks and select the one that is best for you to work on.

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