What is Web Development?

It basically refers to the task involved with developing a website for hosting it over the internet.

 It can range from

(i) Single Static Page of plain text to
(ii) Complex Web-based Internet Applications,
(iii) Electronic Businesses and
 (iv) Social Networking Services.

Small Organizations might require a single web developer that will create and manage their websites. Web Development is a collective term that is used for -
(i) Web Designing
(ii) Web content Development
(iii) Client-Server Side Scripting
(iv)  Network security configuration.

Now, when you are aware of what web development is. We will move on to know about some mind-blowing facts about this that will leave you amazed!

Facts of Web Development-

1.       Listing is always better than large paragraphs-
Web Developers know that large texts and paragraphs often get ignored and people don’t want to invest their time into it. Even before reading the number of paragraphs scares them off! So it's better to use listing, bullets anything to make the reader comfortable in reading. Just the points and you are good to go! Avoid having irrational and too much text just to fill up space!

2.       Video influences a lot -
Many developers know that videos over texts are very important and play a vital role. Many users and people indulge in watching a video over reading texts. Just like you would watch a movie rather than reading the entire book! So, indulge in creating videos that will convey your message and tell the audience about the pros of your products and services.

3.       It barely takes 10 seconds to judge a website-
Once your website is out there in the open. An average user hardly takes 10 seconds to judge and to create an opinion about your website. It is important that you make an impact on those 10 seconds! Give it a professional feel! You can do this by the use of images, background colors, fonts, consistency in the web pages, and content layout. It should match the expectations of your user.

4.       Customer reviews play an important role-
An average user focuses on customer’s reviews over personal recommendations. Always make sure that you highlight the reviews that are easily accessible on your website.  Also, you can give a link to individual user reviews and experiences of using your products and services. This will be easy for the user to read and make decisions.

5.       Website loading speed-
The user expects the website to load within 2 seconds. Who wants a slow website to surf on? Nobody I guess. Faster loading speed also helps to search and go quickly through all the web pages and to make purchases. If your website is taking more than 2 seconds then fix it right away! You don’t know how many customers might have shifted to your competitor’s page.

6.       Color theme -
The color theme tells a lot about your website in one go. Just one look and that is it.  Pick a color theme and stick to it so that your users can recognize your brand easily. It is important that you maintain consistency across the website.  Come up with a color theme that is different from your competitor.

Now, when you know what are the Facts of getting the best Web Design you can get yours today!

Your business will grow and profit more as in today’s world, it is important that you move with the technology and evolve according to the user’s experience and wants.

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