The Importance of Website Planning

The Importance of Website Planning

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of planning in Website development.

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We have always learned that planning is the key essential to any development. Without a proper plan, you will land up with an unsatisfactory project. You could also miss out on many things that you will later realize. So, to avoid this, it is important for a developer to have a plan!

Since web development is not a task of just one person, but there are many aspects present like the designer, content writer, what the client wants, etc. It is important that you bring all the minds and plan accordingly.

So, moving on, let us see how the planning phase progresses –

1.       Determine the goal of the website

2.       Target audience

3.       SEO is important

4.       Content planning

5.       Sitemap development

why website planning is important

Let us dive deep into these 5 topics to know each one of them better –

1.       Determining the goal of the website -
Before you put your hand on the development process. You should know what purpose does your website has to offer. It should be built with the right intentions and keeping in mind the target audience.

2.       Target audience -
What is the audience demographic that you are trying to target for your website? Knowing your audience is vital to develop a website that is more appealing to them. Look for the websites that your target audience might visit. Take a note and research A LOT!

3.       SEO is important -
Keep in mind the SEO as it directly impacts your performance and success. Planning for it beforehand will save you a lot of time in the future. Prepare a list of solid keywords, you can use Google Keyword Planner.

4.       Content planning -
You have to prepare content that is engaging to your audience as well as optimized for the Search Engines.  Content plays a very important role in a website. You can have a very well-designed and architectural website but if the content is of no good, it’s a waste.

5.       Sitemap development -
Sitemap helps to organize the content that you have on your website. Always make sure that your sitemap is as simple as possible. Also, outline all the features and functionality.

 website planning

With this, we come to the end of this blog.

We wish you ALL THE BEST for your future!

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