Top 6 Books for Web Developers

Top 6 Books for Web Developer

In a world where technology and innovation takes place every second, it is not difficult to learn new aspects and dimensions of programming. There are varieties of courses that are offered on Web Development. For course info, check Edustrom.

We know that the world is fast-paced and everything is becoming digitalized but there is still a column that deserves space for books. Also, reading online can strain your eyes, but books, well, you know how books work. Don’t you?

In this blog, we will talk about the top 6 books that you can read to increase your knowledge of Web Development. We know it’s not easy to find the right book that will answer all your queries and that is why we are here to help you with our list of books on Web Development.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Top 6 books for Web Development –

1.       Fundamental Concepts for Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, and Much More -
This book is authored by Roxane Anquetil and is especially for beginners in the field of Web Development. This book will help them to learn all about the Web Development from the scratch. It prepares you with the basics. It also includes a section on tips and tricks of how to save you from falling into the traps of web development. Also, it contains exercises that will enhance your learning. Buy here.

2.       HTML & CSS, and JavaScript & JQuery -
This book is authored by John Tucket and is designed excellently which covers the topics in a simple and explainable manner. It uses infographics, diagrams, and photographs to explain the details and concept of JavaScript & JQuery. It is a set of two books that are split into HTML & CSS and one in JavaScript and JQuery.  Buy here.

3.       You Don't Know JS: Scope and Closures
This book is authored by Kyle Simpson and it teaches the most basic concepts of JavaScript. It covers all the important basics that you need to know to become a good Web Developer. It is a collection of 6 small books that cover each topic separately.  Buy here.

4.       Front- end Developer Handbook  -
It is authored by Cory Lindley and is an online book that is free and comprehensive. It gives an overall understanding of Web Development. It gives you an overview of what front-end development is and how it works.  Give a shot! It will definitely be worthwhile.  Buy here.

5.       The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers -
This book is written by Robert C Martin, thought this book doesn’t clearly define Web Development but it deals with Software Development. This book teaches you how to survive at work and how to NO whenever needed. It will be a complete guide for you.  Buy here.

6.       Don’t make me Think: A common-sense approach to Web and Mobile Usability -
Authored by Steve Krug, this book will teach you about all the basics of Web Designing. The main goal of this book is to teach you to build websites that is loved by the audience. So, give it a try now!  Buy here.

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With this, we come to the end of this blog; we hope that these listed 6 books will help you in learning and applying the methods of the Web Development in a simple and easier way. Also, it will help you to clear all your doubts and strengthen your basics of the topics.

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