Best Practices in Web Development

Best Practices in Web Development

In this blog, we will talk about 6 best practices in Web Development and how it will help you to keep your project updated.

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Web Development surely requires time to get developed but there are a few best practices that you could incorporate which will make your projects run smoother and will cut the delay.

Today, we will talk about 6 best practices of web development

1.       Planning

2.       User experience

3.       Coding

4.       Testing

5.       Purpose of the website

6.       Framework support

best practices in web development

Let us discuss each of these points in brief –

1.       Planning -
Most of the developers skip this part and straight away get into work. This will make them write the codes again and again. It is always better to plan things out first and then jump into coding.

2.       User experience –
Developers should use 70% of their time to research and knowing their user’s preferences. After you have researched well enough, you can get to programming. It will make your development less complex and more user-friendly.

3.       Coding -
Don’t go overboard with the coding. Write only those codes which are required and serve a significant purpose. More codes that are not useful will lead to asking for bugs. So, make sure to write codes that are required for the functioning of the website.

4.       Testing -
Testing is a very important step for any developer but sometimes it becomes difficult or nearly impossible to test the codes because of their complexity. Make sure to write codes that test friendly and easy-to-read.

5.       Purpose of the website -
You should be aware of the purpose your website wants to hold. Know its target audience, its users and then work according to their needs. Also, make sure to write simple codes so that even if someone wants to change it, he/she can do it easily.

6.       Framework support -
Take the help of the framework as it will provide you a structure where you can build without having to start from scratch. It will save you time and will help you build quality websites and reduce errors.

web development best practices 

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these 6 best practices of web development will help you build better websites and applications.

We wish you ALL THE BEST for your future!

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