Benefits of Learning Python

What is Python?

It is an interpreted, high-level general-purpose programming language. It was created in 1989 and first released in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum when he was confronted with the shortcomings of the ABC language.  Its design emphasizes code readability with its notable use of whitespace. Its approach aims to help programmers write clear, logical code for both small and large scale projects.

Python has its own areas and forte where it is being used more. Although in areas like web development JavaScript is mainly used, likewise in game development unity. Python finds it usage in Scripting, Data Processing, Numerical Mathematics, and Research.

Applications of Python

         i.            GUI based desktop applications- Using libraries like Tkinter, you can develop desktop applets supporting GUI.

       ii.            Scientific and computational applications- It is the most used application of the Python till date. It makes data processing easy.

     iii.            Game Development- Using libraries like pygame,  you can develop games that have GUI

     iv.            Web frameworks and web applications- Using libraries like django, you can do server side programming of web servers for back end developers.

       v.            Prototyping- Python provides quick prototyping of software modules that can be presented to the clients.

Other applications are where Python works include-

                                                      (i)            Enterprise and business applications

                                                    (ii)            Operating systems

                                                   (iii)            Language development

                                                   (iv)            Image processing and graphic design applications

So, python gets an edge over other programming languages because of its easy and numerous application building techniques.

Talking about its benefits, we have listed 6 benefits for you to read on-

1.       Open-source and Community Development
It is developed under an OSI- approved open source license. This makes it free to use and distribute for commercial purposes. Its development is also driven by community that collaborates for its code via conferences and mailing lists and also provides for its numerous modules.

2.       Libraries
It provides a large extensive support libraries which has areas like internet protocol, string operations, service tools and operating system interfaces. Many of the high programming languages have already been converted into standard library which reduces the length of the code.

3.       User-Friendly
It has in-built list and dictionary data structures which is used to construct fast time structures of data. Also, python gives option to have dynamic high level data typing which reduces the length of the support codes that is needed.

4.       Speed
It provides (i) enhanced process control capabilities (ii) strong integration (iii) texting processing capabilities (iv) unit testing framework. All of these contribute to the speed and productivity. It is considered building complex multi-protocol network applications.

5.       Ease and Support
It offers amazing readability and simple to learn syntax which helps the beginners to utilize this programming language. It has a wide base of users and active developers that has resulted in a rich internet resource bank and encouraged development and the continued adoption of the language.

6.       Third Party Module
It contains numerous third-party modules that makes it capable of interacting with most of the other languages and platforms.


Now, since you are aware of what Python is and what are its benefits. You can choose from a variety of other programming languages and then compare the two and decide which is best for you to use and understand.  Always take your decision after a thorough research on the matter and we would suggest try working on all, to know which one is easier for you. ALL THE BEST!


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