Unknown Facts about Python

What is Python?

It was created by Guido Van Rossum and first released in 1991, now it is one of the top 10 programming languages that are basically general purpose and high-level programming language. It is used for developing GUI desktop applications, websites, and web applications. It helps you to focus on the core functionality of the application by taking care of the programming tasks.  It also makes the codes readable and application maintainable.

There are other reasons and benefits as to why you should choose Python over other languages. For this, you can check out the blog on the Benefits of Python.

Since now you know what Python is. You should definitely know some cool facts about Python that we are sure you never knew. We are listing such 6 facts that will leave you amazed. So let’s get started-

Facts about Python

1.       It was a Hobby Project
The creator Guido Van Rossum, was looking for something to keep him busy during the Christmas week. He started to think about writing a scripting language that would be a descendant of ABC and Unix/ C hackers. After that, he finally decided on the name Python.

2.       Why did he name it Python?
You must know that Python is also a name for a snake. But this is not what drew the creator into naming it. The actual reason behind naming it was a popular British Comedy troupe Monty Python in the 1970s. He was a big fan of the series, so he named it after it. Amazing right?

3.       Companies using Python
Well, there are number of companies that are using Python as their programming language. Here is a list of the companies that are using or have used this programming language.

                                 i.            NASA

                               ii.            Google

                             iii.            Nokia

                             iv.            Yahoo!

                               v.            Quora

                             vi.            Spotify

                            vii.            Hike

                          viii.            Netflix

                              ix.            Reddit

                               x.            Facebook

                              xi.            Walt Disney Animation

                            xii.            IBM

                          xiii.            Uber

                          xiv.            Amazon

                            xv.            Pinterest

                          xvi.            Youtube

                         xvii.            Mozilla

                       xviii.            Dropbox

4.       People Prefer Python over French

It overtook French to be the most popular language taught in primary schools.  6 out of 10 parents preferred that their children learnt Python over French. It is my personal favorite fact about Python. Don’t you think so too?

5.       Different Python Series
Python is shipped in different series and names. We have listed down few names. So, read along-

                                 i.            CPython- It is written in C and is the most common implementation of Python

                               ii.            Jython- It is written in Java and also compiles to ByteCode

                             iii.            IronPython- It is Implemented in C, and is an extensibility layered to frameworks written in .NET

                             iv.            Brython- It is a Browser Python that runs in the browser

                               v.            RubyPython- It is the Bridge between Python and Ruby interpreters

                             vi.            PyPy- It is Implemented in Python

                            vii.            MicroPython- It runs on a microcontroller

6.       It supports Multiple Assignments in One statement

It will let you assign multiple values to variables at once and in one statement.  This means that swapping is easier and quicker and can be done in 1line of code.


Well, Well! Amazed right? We bet that no matter how geek you are in knowing about in depth of a programming language. You didn’t know about these. It is fun to know about something so much that leaves you mesmerized. These are simple answers to the questions like- Who created it? What was he thinking? How did he come up with such an idea? These simple questions and answers make them unique and cool facts that are cherished after the completion of the project.


So, you too need to know everything about the things you’re interested in especially when it will have an impact over your future.

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