Benefits of PHP in Web Development

What is PHP?
 It stands for HyperText PreProcessor(PHP). It is the most demandable and widely used scripting language. It is designed for website development. It is preferred over other programming languages because it is suited for web development as it can be easily embedded into a HTML code. It offers functionality that no other scripting languages offer. It was originally created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It stood for Personal Home Page but afterward it was changed into HyperText PreProcessor. It was influenced by Java, C, C++, Perl, etc.

It has made easier to develop dynamic websites and it is one of the reasons that it has become so popular in developing high-class websites. It is open-source and thus it is free.  It supports a wide range of databases. It is simple and gives speed and thus it is considered one of the best scripting languages.

Well, these cannot be enough for the users to learn this language. You should know that small and big businesses are looking for people who are skilled in this programming language and can code for them easily and for this, they are ready to pay you a good amount.

So if you are someone who is looking for a career as Developer, then you should know what benefits it offers. Also, you need to have a good grasp of all the scripting languages. You could read about them and then compare it together to know which one is best for you to learn and then you should proceed with it further.

We will first know what the benefits of PHP are so that you are know what you will be getting into if you choose to learn this course-

Benefits of PHP-

1.       It is an Open-source
It means that you don’t have to rely upon the manufacturer to release the next version and you don’t have to pay for those versions. You can download it on your own and then start your work.

2.       It is Extensible- while other needs long scripts, it requires few lines of the code and you are set to go.

3.       It supports large amount of databases

4.       It will run on most of the platforms

5.       It is compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE.

6.       Low development and maintenance cost – as you know that it is open-source, it is free of cost which makes it accessible to everyone.

7.       High performance and reliability

8.       It is easy- it is extremely easy to learn and understand syntax.


So these are the few benefits of the PHP. Now we will move on and talk about what are the latest features in the new version of the PHP-


1.       Extended support for Object Oriented Programming.

2.       Improved support for MySQL .

3.       New tools to read and change XML docs in Simple .XML extension.

4.       Embedded server-side storage mechanism with SQLite.

5.       New error handling

6.       New extension for SOAP implementation.

7.       Data handling through integrators

You must be wondering what the duties of the PHP Developer are, well we have listed it for you-

1.       Building new websites

2.       Maintaining existing websites

3.       Providing PHP code

4.       Providing technical support to the team or the client

5.       Product testing

6.       Observing usability of the developed product

7.       Interacting with the client to do need analysis


Some of the Organizations that employ PHP developers are-


1.       Startups companies

2.       Software design companies

3.       Video game development companies

4.       E-commerce development companies

5.        Web design companies

6.        Small and medium-based businesses

7.       Colleges and universities

8.        Private companies

9.        NGOs

10.    Governmental institutions

So, you are well aware of the opportunities and scope of learning the PHP language. You need to choose from other programming language and then your own choice accordingly. If you have any doubt, you can always ask an expert or professional and they will guide you. If you want you can contact us and talk to us. We will let you know what is best and suitable for your growth.

If you are someone who is looking for a career in this field then you must learn it now so that you have plenty of time practicing and improving.

We wish all the luck and success in your future endeavors !!!


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