Why Choose Laravel Framework?

Why Choose Laravel?

There are a lot of frameworks to choose from and you get confused as to which framework will suit your needs. Well, if you are developing a PHP application then there should be no doubt that you should definitely go for Laravel.

Every developing company is now looking for developers who has knowledge of Laravel framework and knows how to work on it with a PHP application.

If you choose to learn Laravel at Edustrom, you will have many opportunities opened up for you in the coming years.

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks and we will tell you how.

In this blog, we will give you 6 reasons for choosing Laravel over any other frameworks. We will talk in-depth about –

i.                    Library

ii.                  Template Engine blade

iii.                Queues

iv.                 Events

v.                   Testing

vi.                 Caching

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

6 reasons to choose the Laravel framework –

1.       Library -
Laravel has an authenticated library that provides great security features. This library has a number of security features like encryption of data, creation of login pages, cross-fiscal prevention, and the chance to reset passwords by the user. The intense and rich library of Laravel makes it easy for the developer to implement the features in it.

2.       Template Engine Blade-
Laravel supports the MVC (Model- View – Controller) system. With this, it becomes easy to classify complex web applications by user interface and business logic level. The blade is used to attach simple PHP code to a view and to compile the views to the PHP code. This helps in improving the website’s performance.

3.        Queues -
It is very simple and easy to increase the performance speed of the Laravel by its queue. It helps in pausing the long tasks, this, in turn, helps in normalizing the performance of the tasks. You can also integrate queues from the leading companies like Beanstalk, Amazon SQS, and other similar queue services.

4.       Events-
With the use of events in Laravel, you can easily increase the performance and modularity. You can also use events to create class subscriptions. It will help you to keep a record of what is happening on your website, if there is an incomplete task, it will complete it. you can anytime add/delete any tasks from your website.

5.       Testing -
Laravel offers you automated testing with API. It is very simple to install and can run dynamic JavaScript applications. This reason is quite enough to choose the Laravel framework for PHP applications. Also, it uses a chrome driver of its own.

6.       Caching -
Laravel offers primary caching solutions. It performs simple caching tasks such as keeping objects and storing them in a database or file. With this, you can easily increase the performance of large-scale internet applications by a robust buffering system with Laravel.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that this blog will help you in making up your mind on Laravel. As you know, the demands for Laravel is soaring high and if you learn Laravel today, it provides you with a better scope in the future as there will more career opportunities offered by various IT companies in the coming few years.  

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