Top Frameworks in Java Language

Top Frameworks in Java

What is Java?

You must have heard the name Java in your school times when you were taken to the computer labs to learn the basic Java. Do you remember those days and the lessons you learned? It is possible that you might have forgotten everything or you might remember a few details. Just to clear that up we will give a brief introduction to Java.

Java is a high – level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and designed by James Gosling. It first appeared on May 23rd, 1995 and was designed for developing programs for set-top boxes and handheld devices, but it became a popular choice for creating web applications. It is similar to C++ but it is an Object-oriented programming language. Also, it is known to be stricter than C++. 

It has filename extensions as - .java, .class, and .jar.

Java frameworks is a set of pre-written codes that allow you to write your own codes. It dictates the structure of your application. Frameworks supply codes which make it so easy that you have to write very little to complete your application. There is no one particular framework that you have to follow. But you have to choose the best for an application that is fast and solid.