Top Frameworks in Python

What are the frameworks?
 It is a collection of modules and packages which help in writing web applications. You don’t have to worry about low-level details like protocols, sockets, and thread management when you are working on a framework in Python. It helps the developer to focus on application logic. It lessens the work of a developer by giving a structure to work on.

It provides support to a number of functions like interpreting requests, getting form parameters, handling cookies and sessions, producing responses, presenting data in HTML format and other formats, storing data and so on.

Advantages of having a framework

(i)                  It is an open-source

(ii)                It gives good documentation

(iii)               It is efficient

(iv)               It is secure

(v)                It is integrated

Now, you must be wondering why one should use a framework? Well, one should use a framework because- 
(i) Code reusability- It makes the work easier by using 
HTTP operations
(ii) Easier Implementation - They structure the work 
(iii) Readability- The developers find it easy to work as the readability is good
(iv) Maintenance – It is easy to maintain the codes and work

Moving on, we will know about the top frameworks that are used in Python –

1.       Django – 
It is a free and open-source python framework and it included all the necessary features by default. It uses the 
DRY principle which makes it unique and it also uses ORM mappers to map objects to database tables. The databases that Django works on are – PostgreSQLMySQL, SQLite, and Oracle. 

2.       Web2py – 
It is an open-source full-stack framework. It has its own web-based 
IDE. Also, it has a separate code editor, debugger, and one-click deployment. It runs on different platforms like windowsmac, and Linux. It has the capability to read multiple protocols. Moreover, it has an error tracking mechanism that lets you do your work efficiently. 

3.       Flask – 
It is a micro – framework that has a built-in development server and is a fast debugger. It has integrated support for unit testing and HTTP request handling. Other features include – (i) Secures cookies support (ii) 
WSGI compliance (iii) ability to plug in any ORM, (iv) Jinja2 templating.

4.       Bottle –
It is a micro – framework that is originally built for making APIs in a single source file. It has no dependencies except for the standard library of python. It is useful in routing, templating, file uploads, cookies, headers, etc. Bottle is used for building personal applications, prototyping and learning the organization of web frameworks. 

5.       CherryPy – 
It is an open-source framework. It is simple to build web applications through this framework. It can use any type of technology to create templates and data access. It is used for – caching, encoding, flexible plug-in systems, authentication and has the ability to run on various platforms.


While choosing a framework for yourself, keep in mind the features and functions that it has, and then compare with the functions that you want in your application. The performance of your application will depend on the type of framework that you use.

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