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There are many developers who use a modern and effective way of Web Development. They create their own frameworks. This enables them to create a fast, efficient, and convenient way of working. A web developer must use a fast and adaptive way to get the best work done. The command on a programming language is very important for a web developer to get good results.

Now, frameworks for web development will be divided into 2 parts –

( I ) Front – End Framework
( II ) Back – End Framework

We will list down 3 of each Framework that will be useful for you to know and work on.

So, let’s get started –

Front – End Framework -

1.       AngularJS Framework  –
It is an open – source framework of JavaScript. It is used to create single-page web apps and mobile applications with the help of MVC architectural pattern. It has a combination of HTML and TypeScript code which tells how the web page will look and feel like. Also, it allows the use of dynamic data to create a web application. However, there disadvantages to it like there is no backward compatibility with Angular 1.X

2.       ReactJS Framework –
It is a JavaScript framework that is developed by Facebook. It is one of the most important and powerful front – end frameworks. It offers fast rendering views and re-rendering not the whole set of elements. ReactJS has its own set of drawbacks like you cannot create a full – featured server - side application and is quite complex to move Photoshop to JSX file.

3.       VueJS Framework –
It is a JavaScript library that gives a View Model layer of the MVVM pattern. It is an open – source framework and is supported by the developer community all over the world. It uses reactivity and does not include JSX in its component file. Its drawback is that it has documentation and plugins than any other competitor.

Moving on, we will list down Back End frameworks for you.

Back – End Framework –

1.       Laravel Framework  - 
It is a free and open – source framework. It is regarded as one of the most popular frameworks for PHP. Its source codes can be availed through GitHub under the MIT license. It provides fast development cycles and its documentations is well documented. The disadvantage of Laravel is that it is considered slow by many developers and there is less community support. 

2.       Ruby on Rails Framework -
It is one of the most popular and reliable frameworks. It makes the development of web applications simple and faster. Also, it allows the developers to write less significant codes than any other framework. It offers convention over configuration and its libraries are easily available for the download. Its drawback is that it has a very slow run time and does not support multi – threading. 

3.       Spring MVC Framework –

It is an open - source framework for creating and developing Java applications with great features. It provides a lot of APIs for various domains. However, there is a difficulty in getting knowledge of the Spring Framework.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. Check out our other blogs on frameworks.

Both the Web Development frameworks are very popular among the developers. It totally depends upon the business and the client and their projects as to which framework they want to work on for their web portal development.

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