8 Amazing Facts about Laravel Development

What is Laravel?

Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell and is a Free, Open Source PHP Web Framework. It intends to work for the development of Web Applications including Web Services following the Model- View – Controller architectural pattern as based on a symphony. It is one of the most widely used Programming Languages around the globe. Source code of Laravel is hosted on Github and licensed under the MIT License.

It is simple and easy to use as well as the work is done within a stipulated amount of time. Its pocket-friendly feature makes it stand apart from the crowd and is also giving a tough competition to other Software. It is currently empowering over 20 million Web Domains around the Globe!

You might think that its use must be limited for bigger companies. But it is not so, the small businesses have also adopted this framework because of its affordable price and user-friendly approach.

Now, since you know what Laravel is all about. Your curiosity to know more will definitely rise. Isn’t it?

Presenting to you 8 Amazing facts that will leave you awestruck!

1. Easy Configuration
Every client has different needs, So Laravel makes it easy to configure and most importantly every component can be configured and customized according to one’s needs. Isn’t it amazing? Different configuration for different users and clients. This will help to bring in variation and new dynamics into the web application.

2. Easy Reading
The migration from one to another becomes very easy because of its model control of databases. It allows its user to modify and change the database blueprints and app code base along with updates in deployment. So, you just have to sit back and let Laravel do its job.

3. Assistance and Support
Now this space and arena is quite large with a number of programmers and developers around the globe. So, it makes it easier to contact them and to clear your doubts.  They have a digital space where you can interact, discuss problems, query and get 24x7 support. A personal space with like- minded people. Very Amazing!

4.Unit Testing
Written your coding already? Worrying about editing it again and again? Well, you don’t have to worry now.  Laravel makes it easy to check codes simultaneously while you are writing the other one. This will help to detect issues and to avoid regressions in your application. Saving a lot of your time!


5. Compatibility
Laravel’s design and capability is very flexible and is also very user friendly.  It makes it easier for the user as it is well suited with the Guest- Libraries, PSK2 and Composer System. One of the most important work that Laravel framework does. Quite impressive like its design and capability.

6.Rapid Development
One of the superpowers it has is to give speedy improvements and also saves your and the developers’ precious time.  It keeps on updating and fixing its bug so that you don’t have to hold onto your work and waste your time.

7. Caching Implementation-
Dimension is very important and when it comes to Laravel it is well designed to support various Cache like http cache, data cache, fragment cache and page cache. If we combine all these features together it gives crème de le crème caching features.

8. Code Base-
Every component is different and Laravel splits each component of the web application into individual code base without hampering any file and any other element or application. It is to be applied once and then you can easily share its components among different applications. So, there is no load of having a huge number of pages and working on a pile of applications.



Amazed right? These features and facts will surely give you a lot of other reasons to use Laravel PHP Framework.
Moreover, Laravel is Simple and Fast. Its principle emphasizes on easily maintainable codes.
We have a special news for all the developers and programming lovers, Laravel 7 is finally launched and it has got many new amazing and vibrant features that will surely make your work, a lot more interesting and dynamic. So, get your hands on them now and let your imagination fly high!