8 Amazing Facts about Laravel Development

What is Laravel?

Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell and is a Free, Open Source PHP Web Framework. It intends to work for the development of Web Applications including Web Services following the Model- View – Controller architectural pattern as based on a symphony. It is one of the most widely used Programming Languages around the globe. Source code of Laravel is hosted on Github and licensed under the MIT License.

It is simple and easy to use as well as the work is done within a stipulated amount of time. Its pocket-friendly feature makes it stand apart from the crowd and is also giving a tough competition to other Software. It is currently empowering over 20 million Web Domains around the Globe!

You might think that its use must be limited for bigger companies. But it is not so, the small businesses have also adopted this framework because of its affordable price and user-friendly approach.

Now, since you know what Laravel is all about. Your curiosity to know more will definitely rise. Isn’t it?