How to respond to customer reviews

How to respond to customer reviews

In this blog, we will tell you how you can deal with negative online reviews.

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It becomes really tiring dealing with all the comments on social media regarding your company. it is important that a good digital marketer knows how to tackle a situation where you get negative reviews about your company on social media.

Do not make the mistake of not responding and ignoring, this will lead to a loss of trust with your active and potential customers.

Instead, follow these steps below and respond in a polite manner –

Tips to respond to negative reviews –

1.       Calmness

2.       Strategy   

3.       Acceptance

4.       Accurate response

5.       Do not dive into big discussion

6.       Ask someone to read your response

Let’s know these points in brief –


1.       Be calm -
Calmness is key to everything positive. Don’t jump the gun! Relax and take your time! Understand why the person/customer has responded in such away. Think with an open mind and then plan your response accordingly.

2.       Have a strategy -
Make sure you have few responses already ready to respond back to the negative comment. Also, make sure that you don’t keep on repeating the same responses again and again to every negative comment.

3.       Accept the mistake -
The best way to calm someone down on the other side is to own up with the problem. Accept your mistake and assure the other person that everything will be taken care of and this won’t happen in the future.

4.       Accurate response -
Make sure the response short and sweet. Don’t include a lot of details. Keep that for a private conversation. You can only reply with that it is being taken care of and will update you the same over personal SMS or overcall.

5.       Don’t dive into a big discussion -
Avoid having all the discussions on a public platform. This will hamper your online image. Keep it short and simple. Leave all the discussions for private chats and calls. Don’t make the problem between you and the customer public.

6.       Ask someone to read what you wrote in your response -
Make someone read your response. He/she can tell you whether you sound rude, arrogant, or sweet and simple. The third view will give you the right remark because when you write you may not realize because of the emotions and rage with which you write.




With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these points will help you leave good response to the negative reviews as well. Moreover, this will increase your digital marketing.


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