How to write effective Meta Descriptions

How to write effective Meta Descriptions

In this blog, we will discuss meta descriptions and ways to write effective and clear descriptions which will make your SEO rank high.

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Before moving on, let us know what Meta descriptions are –

What is a Meta Description?

Meta Description is an HTML element that summarizes the contents of the page. It is beneficial for the user and the search engine. It plays an important role in on-page SEO. However, the metadata does not play such an important role in the SEO ranking like it used to.

Let us know how can you write effective meta descriptions to attract the search engines and for the users-

Things to focus on while writing meta descriptions

1.       Length

2.       Specific and meaningful

3.       Keywords

4.       Authentic

meta descriptions

We will know each of the four points in brief –

1.       Length -
It is recommended to use a maximum of 155 characters. If the length of your meta description is too long, it will get cut by the search engines and social media sites. We are sure you don’t want that. Right? so, keep a check on the characters!

2.       Specific and meaningful -
Keep your meta descriptions very concise and specific. Just give the detail without any in-depth explanation. It should be an overview of what your page is offering. Also, it is very important for it to be meaningful which will entice your users.

3.       Keywords -
You have to be very careful while using keywords in your description. Do not overstuff the keywords in your description, use keywords that are directly related to your web page. Keywords will help your rank higher on the search engine result page.

4.       Authentic -
Each web page of your website should have a unique and authentic meta description. if all your web pages have the same description it will not entice your readers/users to get along with your website. In case, you have similar pages, make sure to make slight changes to make the user know the difference.

write meta descriptions effectively


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these 4 tips will definitely help you write good meta descriptions.

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