Types of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

It is no surprise that Marketing has opened up a whole new sphere of Promotion and Branding. Since the time, technology has come in its way; there is a revolution that took place in this area. As technology evolves, the strategies of Marketing also evolve. Its benefits are becoming more prevalent each day. More and more people are first researching about the product and then buying them online. Be it big or small every business nowadays is taking Digital Marketing Tactics to engage with the customers and reach a set number of targets to influence them to take your Product/Service.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing?  Well, in simple words Digital Marketing means using the Internet and Online based Digital Technologies to promote your Products/ Services and create awareness among the people about your latest offers and launch.

There are benefits that include:

(i)                  It is very Budget- Friendly

(ii)               High Return on Investments (ROI)

(iii)               Builds your brand image and name

(iv)              Promotes and advertises your products/services

(v)                Wider reach in no time

(vi)              Targets a precise audience

Now when you know what Digital Marketing is and its benefits we will move on and know the types of Digital Marketing there are available. For you, we have listed down 6 such types of Digital Marketing that you can go through-

1.       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It refers to the process of growing your online visibility in search engine results. Search engine page results appear after a user searches using keywords on search engine like Google and Bing. Each user receives individualized page based on the keywords. The higher you rank on a SERP, the more traffic is directed on your website and chances of making that visitor to a customer increases.  You need to optimize your website using SEO. It includes factors like keywords on your content or links on your website.

2.       Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
It covers the ground that SEO ignores or misses that is paid traffic from websites. With SEM you purchase advertisement space that appears on a user’s SERPs.  One example of SEM includes Pay- per- click advertising or PPC. Here the search engine charges the company each time their advertisement is clicked. In recent months, the social media platforms started using the PPC. Different types of digital media marketing blends into one and gives you amazing results for your company.

3.       Social Media Marketing
Social media is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. It gives you increased exposure. It gives you a platform and space to connect with your customers in a more friendly way. You can also get valuable feedbacks from your customers so that you can change and improve your product and services.  With this, you will gain more reach when you post content. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc. It also provides you with paid and unpaid advertising.

4.       Content Marketing
It refers to the practice of delivering quality piece of content to your users to generate sales and leads. The content can be live anywhere online. Tweets, Youtube Video, Blog or Facebook and Instagram captions all comprise of the digital marketing. It blends with SEO and SEM to give you great results.  It is important that you keep your audience in mind while you write content. Also, language is the key. Always try and use simple words and even if you are using a technical jargon make sure that you explain it well so that your audience knows what is being talked about. 

5.       Affiliate Marketing
It is the process of marketing by paying for conversions.  Exactly like hiring a salesman for your product and service. Affiliates will earn a commission for every product that is sold. Many bloggers and e-commerce websites use affiliate marketing. The affiliate will represent your brand, so you want to carry your brand’s image close to them. You need to discuss all the clauses beforehand.

6.       Email Marketing
It allows you to update your email subscribers on a regular basis about your company. It provides value to your customers. In return you build brand trust and loyalty. People who subscribe for you email usually becomes an active customer.

Hey! Now you know what types of Digital Marketing are available. So, be thorough in all if you want to become a good Digital Marketer.


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