2020 Digital Marketing Trends

Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing trends just cannot be ignored. No matter what business or what services you offer. You have to have the best trends in Digital Marketing to make the presence of your business felt. It is quite difficult to keep up with the pace of Digital Marketing which is evolving continuously.

In order to keep your organization on top, you have to keep evolving and keep up with the trends of marketing.

We have listed below top 6 trends in Digital Marketing which is sure to level up your marketing game.

1.       Personalized E-Mail Marketing -
E-mail is the most used communication channel with almost billions of people using it on a daily basis. Can you even name someone who doesn’t have an email id? No. You cannot.
Email is used for personal, industrial, commercial, and academic purposes. This leads us to one of the best marketing trends in Digital Marketing.

2.       Video Marketing -
Make sure that your business is up for video marketing. Now, you think, which mode of marketing you would like to see. Text based content or video content? Yes, majority of people will say Video content the reason is simple because it attracts the eyes and mind at once. In this generation where everyone is using a smartphone, they are constantly sharing videos and learning about new brands through it. According to data almost 70% of people have shared a brand’s video whereas about 52% people agrees to the fact that their buying decision has been influenced by watching videos of the brand.

3.       Instagram Marketing -
You probably have heard this term for the first time. Well, nowadays, Instagram has surpassed Facebook in terms of duration spent on app. It is a rapid growing social media platform and everyone using it is mostly below the age of 30. Many of us search a brand over Instagram or with typing the hashtag. The power of Instagram is so much that you can literally find anything in a jiffy.

4.       Chatbot Marketing -
Chatbots are basically Artificial Intelligence software that acts as a virtual communicator. Chatbots interact with humans in a natural way just like a tele caller will interact with you. However, generally it will interact on a text chat window but verbal interactions are also possible. It allows a personalized interaction with limited human resource. It provides you with 24-hour service and instant responses.

5.       Facebook Marketing -
Though Facebook seems to lose ground with Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, around 41% of people of Facebook are above the age of 65. The user should know who its target audience is and then start a campaign on this platform. Always make sure that you are investing in the right social media platform.

6.       Content Marketing -
A good content can totally change your game. With internet flooding with nuisance content all over, there is still demand for the correct and good content. The quality will always matter. Research about the latest SEO trends, SEM trends etc. Companies must create and focus on the good content because Google is getting smarter and it gives preference to the good content.

With that being said, we come to an end of this blog. Hope these new trends will definitely change your game of marketing.

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