Top 6 Digital Marketers of 2020

What is Digital Marketing?

As technology evolves, the strategies of Marketing also evolve. But what is marketing?  Marketing is the promotion of brands/ products/ services/ company etc where they engage with the people and tell them about their company’s aims and objectives and also about what they offer that will enhance their life in a positive way!

Its benefits are becoming more prevalent each day. More and more people are first researching about the product and then buying them online. Be it big or small every business nowadays is taking Digital Marketing Tactics to engage with the customers and reach a set number of targets to influence them to take your Product/Service.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing?  Well, in simple words Digital Marketing means using the Internet and Online based Digital Technologies to promote your Products/ Services and create awareness among the people about your latest offers and launch.

We will talk about Top 6 Digital Marketers who have paved way and taken the Digital Marketing to another level.

TOP 6 Digital Marketers –

1.       Rand Fishkin – SEO and Moz
He is known as the superstar of 
SEO and Wizard of Moz.  He is a founder and former CEO of Moz. He conveys the logic in the simplest form. Also, he is a renowned speaker and author. He talks about SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media.  He is an expert in the field!

2.       Neil Patel – Influencer 
He is the founder of CrazyEgg, QuickSprout, and KISSMetrics and HelloBar.  He is one of the top digital marketers who tries and tests everything before doing it. 
The Forbes and The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web and an entrepreneur. 

3.       Larry Kim – Pay- Per- Click Expert
He is a founder of WordStream and a 
pay – per - click expert. Also, a writer of four award-winning books. He contributes to Forbes, Inc., and Search Engine Land. He paid billions of dollars in PPC/ADWORDS to know more and more about it.

4.       Joost De Valk – Founder and CEO
He is a founder and CEO of and 
WordPress.  He is an SEO master, advisor, blogger, and a successful web developer with more than 1 million readers of his blog.  He loves coding and loves creating websites.  His work is considered the simplest and the best in the market.

5.       Steve Rayson – Columnist and Director of BuzzSumo
He is the director of BuzzSumo which is a popular content marketing tool. He is contributor to the blog and social media today and Anders Pink where he shares his opinion, viewpoint and everything related to  the content marketing to influence the ranking on the GOOGLE.  He is keen about knowing technology and growing businesses.

6.       Douglas Karr – Founder of Marketing Technology Blog
Douglas Karr is the CEO of DK New Media, founder of Marketing Technology Blog, and a popular  writer of Corporate Blogging for Dummies. He has helped GoDaddy, MindJet, and many more with his skills on SEO, 
blogging, online media, and pay – per – click and PRs.

Now, you know this field is much much more than what you expected. There are people behind it who have made this field a success.  The right approach to Digital Marketing can build a company and promote its growth. It is an essential part of the business and every company is adopting it. Without digital marketing, your brand will just remain a name.

If you want to excel in this field and want to make a mark on the field, then take the course and help companies to manage their image with the audience.

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