Top 6 Digital Marketers of 2020

What is Digital Marketing?

As technology evolves, the strategies of Marketing also evolve. But what is marketing?  Marketing is the promotion of brands/ products/ services/ company etc where they engage with the people and tell them about their company‚Äôs aims and objectives and also about what they offer that will enhance their life in a positive way!

Its benefits are becoming more prevalent each day. More and more people are first researching about the product and then buying them online. Be it big or small every business nowadays is taking Digital Marketing Tactics to engage with the customers and reach a set number of targets to influence them to take your Product/Service.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing?  Well, in simple words Digital Marketing means using the Internet and Online based Digital Technologies to promote your Products/ Services and create awareness among the people about your latest offers and launch.

We will talk about Top 6 Digital Marketers who have paved way and taken the Digital Marketing to another level.