SMO Mistakes You Must Avoid

SMO Mistakes You Must Avoid

In this blog, we will talk about the mistakes made by digital marketers while doing SMO (Social Media Optimization).

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process where you use social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others to promote your business. You can interact with your customers, give them notifications about the latest launch, offers, and discounts. It is a medium through which you can reach a maximum number of audiences in a very short span of time.

But there are mistakes that you need to avoid so that you gain maximum benefits out of SMO.

SMO mistakes you need to avoid –

1.       No strategy

2.       Creating accounts immediately

3.       Ad budget

4.       No interaction

5.       Irrelevant hashtags


Let us know these mistakes in brief and see how you can avoid it –

1.       No strategy -
If you don’t have any social media strategy then you won’t head anywhere and there will no proper communication with your audience. If you want to have success in SMO then you need to have a plan for it. Make sure that you just don’t post anything on social media. Your content should be relevant and engaging to the audience.

2.       Creating accounts immediately -
Don’t rush into creating accounts on social media platforms. Make sure you have a strategy and good contents that can engage your audience. Make sure to start slow. Start with 1-2 social media platforms and post daily.

3.       Ad budget -
Many people indulge themselves in buying followers to gain social media popularity. Doing this will only increase your followers and not your ROI. Make sure you establish honest relations with your customers and don’t go after fake numbers.

4.       No interaction -
Know the reason behind why you have created social media accounts. It is to interact with your customers. Make sure that you timely reply to their queries, ask for their feedback. This will increase your credibility as a company.

5.       Too many irrelevant hashtags -
Make sure that you don’t use too many hashtags only for the sake of using it. Use few but relevant hashtags that will provide you with the visibility you need on social media platforms.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that you will not commit these mistakes in the future and will make your SMO game much stronger.

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