Digital Marketing Tools You must know

Digital Marketing

There are some digital marketing tools that you must rely upon for your work to be finished. Digital marketers must have the right software tools to manage data insights and content marketing etc. without the use of the right marketing tools you will not be able to reach the right target audience and in a limited time frame. If you use the right marketing tools you will be able to achieve the effectiveness of digital marketing.

It increases the power of social media, uses SEO search engine optimization to drive traffic on your website and makes use of the good media marketing advancements.

Top Tools

1.       Data and Analytics -

(i) Google Analytics – It is a must for every marketer who wants to level up their business strategies. It is a free tool that gives you detailed information on the performance of over your website like audience demographics, popular keywords, actions that you perform on your website and many others. It will also tell you where your website lacks.

(ii) SumoMe – This tool helps you to track the behavior of the user while they are still on the website. You can also check where your user is clicking. Also, you can check where they stop reading.

2.       Social Media Marketing -

(i) PromoRepublic – It is an all in one tool that lets you run your content on an autopilot mode. It provides content creation, scheduling, social media monitoring, collaboration for agencies and freelancers.  It saves your 20 hours in a month and your workflow is constant!!!

(ii) MeetEdgar – It is a tool for creating inspiring content. You can add your twitter account, linkedIn account and then separate them into as many categories as you want! Then you can schedule the time, when you want to post!

3.       SEO -

(i) UberSuggest – This free tool helps you with finding new keywords and blog title with a simple suggest and search option.

(ii) Google Keyword Planner – It helps you know which of your keywords has a greater potential and more search volume. Also, it is free!

4.       Content -

(i) Buffer – It lets you share anything that you are reading. It makes your business grow and reach people on social media. You don’t have to do much. Just download your app or extension and links and you are good to go. It will schedule your post to be posted on your social media account.

(ii) – It is a very useful tool as it has a call-to-action feature on your blogs and posts that you share on social media accounts. It lets you add colors, links and themes and many more attractive elements. You can give a link to your website so that the user can know more about you!

5.       Project Management -

(i) Asana – It helps your work get faster as it is one of the most useful tool in the marketing sphere.  It eases the progress reports that becomes easier to read. Moreover, it can change the conversations into tasks and into project templates.  It helps you to focus on the current priorities and increases your work productivity.

(ii) Slack – It is a cloud – based tool that helps you with instant messaging system that allows you to quickly send and receive messages from your team or even your clients. It has replaced email as the primary source for exchanging official work. 

These tools will surely help you for your company’s growth. And if you master them then you will become a really good and successful digital marketer.

With this we come to an end of this blog on Digital Marketing tools. If you have any queries regarding anything then please feel free to contact our professionals in this field. They will be more than happy to help you in whatever possible manner they can.

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