6 Best SMO Practices of 2021

6 Best SMO Practices

In this blog, we will talk about the 6 practices that are considered best while using SMO.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of creating brand awareness and publicity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. It is also used for connecting to the users and interacting with them regarding their queries.

It is one of the most used methods of recent times. If you wish to reach a lot of users in a short span of time then you will have to incorporate SMO in your digital marketing.

We have created a list of 6 best practices that you should include while Social Media Optimizing.

6 best practices of SMO –

1.       Strategic approach

2.       Keyword analysis

3.       Social media profiles

4.       Unique and catchy Captions

5.       Include Images

6.       Correct use of Hashtags

smo best practices

Let us discuss each of these methods in brief –

1.       Strategic approach -
Plan your social media strategy, your objectives, and goals. Know how many posts or content you will upload in a day or in a week. Write down your results. Make sure to act upon it and know which method or strategy used by you is giving you the maximum result.

2.       Keyword analysis -
It is one of the most important practices of SMO. Prepare a list of the most relevant keywords that go with your company/brand/product/services etc. Start adding keywords to your social media posts and use them as a hashtag.

3.       Social media profiles -
You know important it is in SEO to optimize your website for the search engine to rank it. likewise, you need to optimize your social media profile. Fill in all the details clearly like your username, profile photo, bio, etc. Complete your profile 100%.

4.       Unique and catchy captions –
Make sure to use catchy captions for each of your posts and also see to it that it is not being repeated. Try communicating in the captions like you can write your users to comment below regarding their thoughts on the post.

5.       Include images -
Include images in your post. It will attract your audience. Writing just a simple text won’t help you in generating a lot of views. The use of images and videos will help gather a lot of audiences.

6.       Correct use of hashtags -
Hashtags are very important and you should definitely not put anything on your hashtags. Use the appropriate and relevant hashtags that go along with your post.

 best practices for smo

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that you will incorporate these SMO practices in your Digital Marketing.


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