6 Best SEO Practices of 2021

6 Best SEO Practices

In this blog, we will talk about the best practices you need know while doing SEO.

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Social Media Optimization (SEO) is considered one of the main parts of Digital Marketing. With SEO, you can improve the quality and quantity of website traffic to website or web page from search engines like Google. SEO is mostly targeting unpaid traffics. You will have to use the right keywords in your content so that the search engine recognizes it.

We will talk about some great SEO practices that you must include getting maximum search results of your website on Google.

6 best SEO practices –

1.       The right use of the keywords

2.       Unique content

3.       The loading speed of your website

4.       Track results

5.       Take care of the images

6.       Backlinks

seo best practices

Let us know each of the points in brief –

1.       The right use of the keywords -
Keywords play a very important role in making your website rank at the top of a search engine. Make sure to use the keywords early in your content. Make sure you use the keyword in your title, meta descriptions, content, and so on. This will raise the possibility of a higher rank.

2.       Unique content -
We always say it's quality over quantity. Don’t focus on larger contents, focus more on the quality, check the plagiarism of the content. Also, make sure to include all the points you want to say in very simple language.

3.       The loading speed of your website -
The loading speed of your website is one of the rank factors in Google. We are quite sure that you were not known to this. Make sure that your website has a quick loading speed. With this, your users will also find your site easier to use.

4.       Track results -
You should always keep a track of your results. Store the data date wise and see how are you performing, whether your graph has gone high or down. Improve according to the results you see.

5.       Take care of the images -
Images play a vital role in ranking your website on Google Image Search. Make sure every image you upload on your website has a name that is relevant to the topic for which you are uploading it. this will raise the chances of your images being ranked.

6.       Backlinks -
Having internal backlinks on your website’s content is very important. It is very easy to use as well. This will increase the interest of your users and more of your web pages will be visited by them.

 best practices of seo

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that you will incorporate these SEO practices in your Digital Marketing.


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