Benefits of SEO in Digital Marketing

Benefits of SEO

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In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of SEO and how using SEO can benefit the company/business you will be using for in your future!

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So before, we get started, let us know what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of improving the rank of the website by generating traffic on your site from the search engine. It targets unpaid traffic rather than paid traffic. It emerges from different types of searches like image search, video search, academic search and so on.

Moving on, we will talk about the benefits of SEO -


5 benefits of SEO –

1.       Targets quality traffic to your website -
SEO is inbound marketing which is more customer centric. It creates helpful information and resources which makes the information more easily accessible. It is convenient for customers and also generates more qualified leads for your company.

2.       Payment not necessary for ads in SEO -
Google’s organic ranking method is based on the algorithm that provides the best results for any given query. In this, when you have created a page, the google can show it in its results for months or even years after you publish it. Researching and generating content may require some investments.

3.       SEO clicked more than PPC -
User’s have generated a trust in Google’s algorithms. They choose to visit the pages that google has popped up! So, when users are more determined and reliant on the Google’s algorithms of searches. The organic results get more clicked.

4.       SEO and PR -
The connection between them is due to link building. The main part of the SEO is to identify opportunities for the placement of links on the industry blogs, news publications and other relevant websites. When you provide good link building, you communicate better to your audiences and users.

5.       Stay ahead of the competition -
Majority of the marketers believe that improving their SEO and online presence is their top most priority. With SEO, you can stay ahead of your competitors and make your online presence felt by your users and customers.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that benefits of SEO will help you in your career and in building your marketing strategy! You can learn SEO in Digital Marketing course!

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