Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Hey guys! In this blog we will talk about how you can level up your affiliate marketing game in Digital Marketing. We are sure that you must have heard a lot about affiliate marketing but couldn’t really understand the depth of it.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is promotion of other companies’ products. When you visit on a website you will see a link that says become an affiliate marketer. After your creation of the account in that particular website, you get a link of the products/services that you wish to sell. If you successfully sell any products/services through the link generated by you, you will receive a commission.

In simple words, you are a salesperson of the company and you are there to make a sale. When you do that, you get rewarded.

Let us get started and know how you can get into affiliate marketing step by step –

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Get started with affiliate marketing -

1.       Decide on platform -
You can do affiliate marketing on my platform even on Instagram. However, it is much easier on the platforms like YouTube or your own blogging site. Also, starting with a blog is really cheap and you do not have put a lot of money into it. Now, whenever you generate an affiliate link, you can post it on your handles.

2.       Choose your category -
We know it is no cakewalk to blog and write about anything. This will in no sense generate more traffic. It is advisable to start with a specific category like food, travel etc and write about them. Slowly, you’ll start noticing the traffic on your website. It will be a good start for your marketing.

3.       Find Affiliate programs you can join -
There are about three affiliate programs you can choose from -
i. high paying, low volume program
ii. Low paying, high volume program
iii. High paying, high volume program
You have to choose which affiliate program you would like to get into and them put your focus on it.

4.       Content creation -
If you want your affiliate sites to do good, you will have to focus on generating great content. Great content will bring in more visitors and more visitors mean greater chances of your affiliate links getting clicked!

5.       Bring traffic to your affiliate site -
More traffic means more possibility of getting your link clicked! So, for that, you need to generate traffic on your website first. Three traffic strategies that you can consider -
i. paid traffic
ii. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
iii. Email list
You can do all these three together or separately according to your will.

6.       Get clicks on your affiliate links -
You need to be very precise on where you are putting your affiliate links. The placement of the link makes a huge difference. The more clicks on your affiliate link, the more your sales will rise high!

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that the concept of affiliate marketing is much clearer to you now.

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