6 Digital Marketers you should follow

6 Digital Marketers you should follow today

You know how important it is to follow someone from the same field and especially when that person is an expert or a professional in the field. You get to learn so much and you stay updated about the latest trends in the field. Moreover, you get to get a glimpse of what projects they are working on and how are they are doing so. A little sneak peek won’t hurt anybody! Isn’t it?

Also, when they come online or live, they might answer your questions related to Digital Marketing. Isn’t it amazing? You also get tips and tricks of marketing which can be very beneficial for your work.

If you are not aware of Digital Marketers that you can follow then don’t worry because, in this blog, we will list down 6 such Digital Marketers you can follow to keep your Marketing level high.

So, grab out your smartphone and start following!

6 Digital Marketers to follow –

1.       Allen Gannett –
Allen is the CSO of Skyword. He is an author of the book “The Creative Curve” and owns a business, with this, he also posts video series on Books, and Allen talks where he discusses the marketing strategies on LinkedIn. He keeps his perspective of entrepreneurship and tells about that in his videos.  
Follow Allen Gannett on LinkedIn.

2.       Jay Baer -
Jay Baer is a blogger, author, and keynote speaker who is quite popular in the digital world, and especially when it comes to Digital Marketing, budding marketers follow him and to get learn new trends in the field. His followers ardently listen to his every word. He has also been given the tag of Hall of Fame keynote speaker and strategist.
Follow Jay Baer on Twitter.

3.       Jorn Lyseggen -
Jorn is the founder and CEO of many companies and brands. Few of his companies include Meltwater, Shack15, and MESTafrica. He is also an author of the book Outside Insight where he teaches how to make data-led decisions. He is very active on social media and shares his insights with his followers.
Follow Jorn Lyseggen on Twitter.

4.       Ann Smarty -
Ann is a brand manager at Ninjas Marketing and founder of MyBlogU.com and ViralContentBee.com. She also runs Digital Marketing courses on SEOsmarty.com. she is an expert in SEO and creates really viral media content. Do follow her to learn something new in the field of Digital Marketing.
Follow Ann Smarty on Twitter.

5.       Chris Ducker -
Chris is many in one. He is a bestselling author, investor,  entrepreneur, keynote speaker, business mentor and coach, and founder of Youpreneur. He shares his expertise on the weekly podcast, Youpreneur FM. He is globally famous and is known by many Digital Marketers.
Follow him on Twitter.

6.       Shay Rowbottom -
Shay is a founder and COO of Margle Media. She is known to produce high quality, viral videos on Facebook, and LinkedIn. She is an expert in making videos for marketing and business development. Follow her to learn something innovative and get tips and tricks on the subject.
Follow Shay Rowbottom on LinkedIn.

This list of people will definitely help you achieve major goals in the field of Digital Marketing. See them, learn, and adapt from them. It is rightly said that by seeing other people from a distance, you learn a lot.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that this list of six people from around the globe will help you get insights on the Digital Marketing.

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