What is Graphic Designing?

What is Graphic Designing?

Since time immemorial graphics have been in existence. Be it on the walls, stones, or pillars. Kings have used graphics to demonstrate their kingdom and their legacy. As time passed, it got more recognition from the world as people who didn’t know how to read and write could easily understand the story behind those graphics and drawings. That is why it is said that a graphic explains more than what words can do!

It captures mind and eyes in one go and since there are minimum or no texts at all, it becomes easy for the people to know in one go what the Another person wants to convey.

Wherever you see there are graphics all around you. The billboards that you see, the hoardings, the pamphlets, and even the smallest wrapper. Everything is covered by this.

It is said that first impressions are important, indeed it is. The first look decides whether you want to get that particular product or not. And this is the reason why industries are ready to pay huge amounts to the designers.  

As time is changing and industries are evolving there are many other options and career paths that are available for graphic designers. If someone doesn’t want to go into the actual field of design, they can opt from various other options. Always remember that it is better to have options for every field that you take. And when you have in-depth knowledge about the subject you can change your field if you find good growth and salary.

So, let’s get started and know more options-

Different career paths that a Graphic Designer can choose from –

1.       Fashion Designer –
Creativity is what is required in this field. Many designers have opted for fashion designing and design for accessories and garments. This career will help you do multiple other things and you could show your creativity to the world in large. As the fashion industry is rapidly growing there is a constant demand for new designers that can adapt themselves accordi