Common Mistakes in Web Design

Mistakes in Web Design

In this blog, we will talk about the common mistakes omitted by web designers while designing a website.

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Web Designing is considered one of the main parts of web development. The better the design, the easier will be the navigation. It will attract more and more users to your website. Today, we will talk about some of the common mistakes that are made by web designers.

Common mistakes by the web designers –

1.       Search

2.       Visited links

3.       Opening a new window

4.       Not answering user’s questions

5.       Title of the page

6.       Fixed font size


Let us discuss each of these mistakes in brief and how you can avoid it –

1.       Search -
Bad search can result in low usability of the search engine. Make your page with simple and easy to search language with not so difficult spelling and meaning. One word is enough for you to describe your website.

2.       Visited links -
Make sure that you change the color of the visited links. This will help your user to have a better hold on the pages they have already visited. And if they wish to revisit it, they will know that they have already seen this page.

3.       Opening a new window -
Don’t give too many links that open up in a new window. No user will like having a multiple windows tab on a screen. This makes them very irritant and they would not like to continue using your website.

4.       Not answering user’s questions -
This is the gravest mistake that is committed by the designers. Make sure that you answer all the questions they are looking for on your website. Make it user-friendly. Give all the details of the products and services in simple language.

5.       Title of the page -
Make sure that your page title is search engine friendly so that users can find you easily. A good and SEO friendly page title will give you a lot of potential customers.

6.       Fixed font size -
Design your page aesthetically. Use different font sizes, font colors, and make your page attractive yet very simple. This will attract many new users to your website.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that you will certainly not commit these mistakes while designing your website.

All the Best!

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