6 Design Tips you should know

6 Design Tips you should know

In this blog, we will talk about 6 design tips that you should know and incorporate in your designs!

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The trends for Designing keeps changing from time to time but there are certain elements and features that never change.

Today, we will talk about 6 designing tips that you should add to your designs straight away.

6 designing tips –

1.       Color elements

2.       Typography

3.       White spaces

4.       Elements with a purpose

5.       Concept

6.       User-friendly UI

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Let us know each of these points in brief –

1.       Color elements -
whatever colors you choose, make sure it complements your work or theme that you are going to prepare. Also, don’t add up a lot of colors as it will make your work look messy. Choose secondary colors that complement your primary colors.

2.       Typography -
Typography is an essential part of Designing. It has the power to reflect your mood.  Choose the font type, size, and color according to the message you want to convey.

3.       White spaces -
It is very important to leave white spaces in your images and graphics. Too much element on the visual will not drag your users’ attention rather it will distract them from it. make your work simple yet attractive. Use fewer texts, graphics, and colors.

4.       Elements with a purpose -
All the elements you include in your graphics should have a purpose. Don’t just keep adding on the elements for the sake of it. make your even the tiniest element has a purpose and if you think there is an element without a purpose, it is better to remove it.

5.       Concept-
Prepare a concept of your design. Know what you are making in the design and study the subject to understand it better and your audience. After you have enough knowledge on the subject you can start building a process.

6.       User-friendly UI -
If you are designing for a website or an application, make sure that you make easy navigations that have user-friendly UI. Keep it as simple and as clear as you can. Your users should be able to understand in one go.

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With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these graphic designs best practices will help you create a masterpiece which will be loved by your audience.

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