Careers in Graphic Designing

What is Graphic Designing?

It is the process of creating visual elements or content to communicate the message. Graphic Designers use pictures and layout to give the message to their clients in very little text or no text at all. It is said that a picture has the capacity of 1000 words in itself and this is what conveys the message to the audience.

People attract to images and it hit their mind in seconds. That is the reason why you see billboards and hoarding with such big images because it is enough to convey the message. However, it is not completely true that there is no text at all. For example, if you have to create a discount for a company then you need to have the discount range, address, etc.

Since time immemorial, graphics have been used to display a story or feelings. Like in earlier ages you could see the pillars covered with graphics of various types that depicts a story or their king. Even in architectural buildings, there are graphics everywhere.

Well, you seriously cannot escape graphics. Good Graphic designs have to build a brand’s image and the company’s name to a different level. Because it is a proven fact that images attract more that non-visual elements do.

Here, if you are someone who is interested in this field. Then you might think that what are the career prospects of this field and how will it benefit you. Well this is one of the biggest benefits that Graphic Design course offers. There are numerous career paths in this field and we will have a look at 6 of them that you can choose from.

Let us start-

Careers in Graphic Designing-

1.       Graphic Designer-
Of course! Yes! Graphic designer is one of the most common career paths that students opt for after getting a degree in this field. They usually develop graphics and layout for product illustration, company logos, website banners etc. This job profile can carry a huge number of roles. It depends on the industry and company as well.

2.       Creative Director
They determine the creative vision of the project or assignment.  They look for overall look and appeal of the project and leads their team to create something new and unique like in video games, film, magazines or advertising campaign etc. It involves managing skills and leadership with budget decisions.

3.       Art Director
They take charge for visual elements in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, movie and television production.  They basically create designs and also direct other artists to develop each of the contributing elements. They look after the budget and then create that also meets the objectives of the design.

4.       Multimedia Artist or Animator
They design complex graphics and animations using computer animation software. They look for visual impact and development to create media content for their clients that will also meet the objective.  There is an immense growth in the need for this career path because every organization is looking for online video presence for their company.

5.       Production Artist
They upload and ensure the accuracy of the designs through the last stage.  This job requires designing and computer application skills.  They may suggest the final touches like scaling, cropping, retouching and repositioning of the design.  You really need to have a creative vision for this.

6.       Product Developer
They lead and manage the creation of the products. They perform industry research, creating illustrations, presenting the product to the employers and contributing to the overall developmental process. They look for packaging details and meet the objective in a budget constraint environment.


So, hey! We hope that by now you are sure about the career that you have to go in after you complete the Graphic Designing Course. We wish you success in whatever you do. If you have any doubts. Please feel free to ask to our professionals and they will guide you and help you take a better decision.





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