Essential Books for Graphic Designing

6 Essential Books of Graphic Designing

Hey, all you book worms!

In this blog, we will talk about 6 books that are a must-read for all the Graphic Designers. You know how tough and time taking it gets to find that one perfect book that will answer most of your queries. Well, not just one but we have brought you 6 books that you can buy to enhance your skills and knowledge. Do you know how it is said that books are human’s best friends? Well, we are here to add to the list of your best friends!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

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6 books for Graphic Designers –

1.       Logo Modernism -

Author – Jens Muller
Publisher – Taschen GmbH
Publish Date – 2015
This book brings together 6000 trademarks that were registered between the year 1940-1980. It has three chapters that talk about effect, geometric and typographic respectively. Plus, the logo designs in the book will help you create your own by giving you ideas and concepts. Buy here.

2.       Designing Brand Identity -

Author – Alina Wheeler
Publisher – Wiley
Publish Date – 2017
This book is split into three sections – brand fundamentals, process basics, and case studies. It will provide you in-depth guidance for brand development and implementation.  It is a must-have if you want to enter the corporate world. Buy here

3.       The Elements of Typographic Style -

Author – Robert Bringhurst
Publisher – Hartley and Marks
Publish Date – 2013
This book contains practical, historical, and theoretical information on typography styles. It will give you deep points in type and typography and you don’t have to look for any other book. Buy here

4.       Why Fonts Matter -

Author – Sara Hyndman
Publisher – Virgin Books
Publish Date – 2016
This book tells you in great detail about the importance and impact of the fonts that we choose. Different styles of font and reactions to it and how fonts have the power to alter your taste of food. With this book, you can easily influence your audience with the style and type of font you choose. Buy here

5.       Work for Money, Design for Love –

Author – David Airey
Publisher – New Riders
Publish Date – 2012
This book will tell you how to start your own designing business and what are the essentials that are required for it. It talks about the mindset that is needed to become a graphic designer. If you are thinking to start on your own and be your own boss then this is the book for you. Buy here

6.       Grid Systems in Graphic Design -

Author – Joseph Muller- Brockmann
Publisher – Verlag Niggli
Publish Date – 1999
This book is very informative and talks about the importance of grid systems in graphic design. It also provides detailed examples.  It is a must-have for beginners and also the intermediates in the field. Buy here

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With this, we come to the end of the blog. We hope that this A list of 6 books on Graphic Designing will help you in getting answers to your questions.

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