6 Award-Winning Website Designs

What is Website Designing?

Website designing is something that can make or break the business. No matter whether the company is small or big, every company these days needs a website and a good website designer for better functioning and to increase the user base.

 It is an investment that businesses and companies make to see profitable growth in their business.

 A website lists down all the services, company’s timings, products, new launches, offers, career scope, gallery, etc that will interest the people more.

Now, the internet is full of websites. What makes a website special that people will come across and like it in just a few seconds?

It surely takes a lot of creativeness blended with simplicity that makes a website hit!

With that being said, we will move on and tell you about the top 6 award-winning websites and what they did right!

This will help you to know what elements are used on a website that you can use to make a website that is loved by all.

A good web designer is someone who can make web design with minimum elements.

Top 6 award-winning websites –

1.       ESPN Sports Programming -
ESPN takes the sports website to just another level with high-resolution images and videos.  It utilizes the background video to keep up with the energy level of a sport that keeps the user engaged. The drop-down menu has a whole new level of charisma that gives statistics and informative details about the available programs.
Website –  https://mediadistribution.espn.com/

2.       Montage -
It takes displaying of the products to a whole new level. Its maneuver homepage outlines about its products, its look, its quality, and testimonials.  The navigation on the page is so simple and user-friendly that is smooth like butter and users get exactly what they are looking for without wandering over the site for a long time.
Website-  https://www.mixbook.com/?source=montage&utm_source=montage

3.       Zillow -
Finding a home is a tough job to do. Isn’t it? But with Zillow, it becomes very simple and user friendly. It helps you look, store, and save what you like. The search page is so easy to operate that people don’t have to waste a single minute on it.
Website - https://www.zillow.com/

4.        Revols -
This website takes a bold approach by enlarging the small earphones using macro photography.  The videos and images make the website extremely product-focused.  It basically follows the Larger than life principle and the user gets lost in the site.
Website - https://www.revols.com/

5.       FiftyThree Pencil -
It captures the features of the product in amazing light. Each product is image-based and the user gets mesmerized by the look by visualizing it and how to apply it.  The product images and the display is very unique and dynamic that lets the user understand the product well.
Website - https://www.fiftythree.com/

6.       Morgan Stanley -
Unlike other websites that are product-focused- Morgan Stanley usually focuses on an article on their homepage that will gather a significant amount of traffic. The layout apart from the homepage has a grid focused layout that keeps the record of the articles they have posted.
Website -  https://www.morganstanley.com/


Hey! These are award-winning websites. Do you want something that will hit your audience in a way that will leave an everlasting impact on their minds? Then let us know. We welcome all the ideas and feedback to make your website a hit!

Your website defines your online presence. A good website will attract users and they will become your potential customers. If your website doesn’t look professional or has some errors it will immediately draw their attention to your competitors' website. It is very important that you have a great hold on to it.

If you have any queries regarding the website design related to your business. You can feel free to contact us at any time. Our professionals will get in touch with you and answer your queries.

We wish you ALL THE BEST in all your future endeavors!

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