6 Types of Graphic Design

6 Types of Graphic Design

In this blog, we will tell you about 6 different types of Graphic Design. You must be wondering whether there are types in Graphic Designing or not but let me tell you, there are many different types of designing that you can choose from.

Now, different graphic designing will require different skills and techniques to perform that graphic design.

Today, we will be discussing 6 Graphic Designing -
(i) Visual Identity Graphic Design
(ii) Marketing & Advertising Design
(iii) UI Graphic Design
(iv) Publication Graphic Design
(v) Packaging Graphic Design
(vi) Motion Graphic Design

You can choose to become a professional in any of the fields (s). It completely depends on your choice.

Without any further ado, let’s get started –

6 types of Graphic Designing -

1.       Visual Identity Graphic Design -
In Visual Identity Design, the designers communicate the brand’s idea to the people. Whatever the concept of the business/company is, the designers bring it on paper. They design the company’s logos, media libraries, company profiles,s, etc. Their design is what stays in the forefront and is first seen by people. It is one of the most common designs, you need to have the knowledge of design that is suitable across the visual media.

2.       Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design -
In Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design, the designers create designs for promotion and marketing for better communication with the customers and the audience. Since people engage more with the designs, it is mandatory for companies to have a team of good graphic designers. Under this, they create magazines, newspaper ads, posters, banners, ppt, menus, and much more!

3.       UI Graphic Design -
UI stands for User Interface. In this type of Designing, the designers create attractive Interfaces for easy and user-friendly applications. UI includes the on-screen graphic elements like buttons, menus, and more! They create Web Page Designs, Game Interfaces, App Design, Theme Design, and lots more! They merge technicality with the appeal.

4.       Publication Graphic Design -
With the publication, you will understand that it is traditionally for print media like books, magazines, catalogs and etc. however, there is digital publishing as well. Many of the publication designers work as a freelancer. They create books, newspaper, newsletters, magazines, catalogs and so much more!

5.       Packaging Graphic Design -  
You must have understood the name itself. Packaging designing is the designing of the outer cover of the products. If you buy a product, the first thing you see is the packaging. So, a packaging designer designs the packaging of the products. You can literally pour in the creativity in this type of design. The better the design, the more people will get attracted.

6.       Motion Graphic Design -
In Motion Design, the graphics are put in motion. This includes animation, audio, imagery, and effects that are most commonly used in online media, television, and films. Video content is currently ruling and people more than any other type of designing engage themselves in audiovisual motion. It provides them with better knowledge and is more interesting to watch.  They create promotional videos, tutorial videos, video games, GIFs, trailers, advertisements, and lots more!

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these types of designing will help you sort out one in which you are good at and then you can master it.

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