Top 6 reasons to learn Android Development

Android Development

We are living in a world where every person you see has a smartphone in their hands. If you look closely, you will notice that majority of people are using Android mobile phones. Now since this majority has Android phones, it opens up new job opportunities for fresher and professionals in the field.

Many companies are hiring Android App Developers because 80% of the majority are using Android Smartphones.

Be it a startup or big MNC, you will get a good amount of salary and the growth graph will always increase. 

The market share of the Android App Development is more than any other mobile operating systems which give it an edge over its competitors.

If you are looking for reasons to study in this field, then you are in the right place. We will give you the top 6 reasons that will make you want to go for this course right away!

Top Reasons to learn Android Development –

1.       Open – Source code -
One of the best things about Android is that it is an open – source.  A lot of manufacturers have got access to the code that makes it easier for them to use it on their smartphones. Since majority people are using Android because it is affordable and efficient the growth in this sector is expected to grow.

2.       Google Play Store -
Now who doesn’t like Play Store. It is so user- friendly and convenient to use that people always find this reason to be number one while going for Android Development. The experience of using applications have multiplied tenfold. There was a time when iTunes ruled the world but it was becoming difficult to buy Apple because it was so expensive. But with the inclusion of Google Play Store and Android using apps became very easy!

3.       Job Prospects -
With booming growth of Android users, companies are hiring Developers especially for Android and has a dedicated team only for this purpose. With learning Android Development, you can decide whether to work or freelance. Moreover, if you master developing for Android you can easily develop for other operating systems.

4.       Revenue -
Google allows developers to price their app according to what they wish.  Now imagine if you are developing for Android and it is for $2 roughly, now with the huge base of 2.5 billion Android users, even if 1% of the users download your app, you will get -
$2 X 1% X 2.5billion = $ A LOT!
There are two ways you could earn money from Google Play Store-
(i) When users download your app
(ii) Through ads placed in your app

5.       Android Devices
Let’s face this no matter how famous and popular Apple is, Android is everywhere. Since the devices compatible with the Android comes in every range, it is easier for people to invest in it. Not just smartphones, many other devices like Drones, TVs, Tablets, Camera, Smartwatch and much more. You must be wondering how will this benefit the developers. Well, different devices mean wide area and scope for development, thus increasing your revenue!

6.       Simple Learning -
Basic skills that are required to learn Development is that the developer must be creative and should have good imagination and the capability to put that imagination and creativity into codes. Also, should be able to develop new ideas and follow the market trend. Other skills that are required are that the developer must know Java because Android has Java coding in it. XML is another important skill because it enables you to work on the app layout and design.

Hey! So you know the top reasons to learn Android Development. So, enroll yourself today and experience new opportunities your way.

If you have any doubt regarding the syllabus or the course, kindly give us a call or message us and our professionals will get in touch with you to solve your problem at the earliest.

All the Best!

Edustrom provides you a with a platform to learn various Android Development and helps you master them within a limited time frame like (i) UI widget, (ii)Layout, (iii)Adapter, (iv)XML & Jason (v) Android Graphics, (vi)API, and (vii)Google Map. 



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