Tips for a flawless Android Development

Tips for a flawless Android Development

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In this blog, we will give you some inside tips and tricks to build your flawless Android App and to create the best impression in front of your bosses! You got that right! We have mentioned the top 6 tips that are sure to set you on the best foot.

Every developer’s dream is to create an application that is loved by the clients and their users! The more user-friendly your application is the more you will grow!

We will discuss these 6 tips in detail-

i.                     Namespace

ii.                   Guidelines

iii.                  Listening

iv.                 Fragmentation

v.                   Optimization

vi.                 Develop for devices

Without any further ado, let’s get started –


Tips for android development –

1.       Book Name Space -
Every client has a dream or a pre-thought name for its application. It is important that your pre-book the name to avoid any duplication in the future. Google has a special feature that distinguishes your app based on the name of the application from the rest of the applications in the play store. The name is what users will look into.

2.       Android Design Guidelines -
If you are a new Android developer, then you must know that Google has pre-set guidelines on the Android design. This is so that all the apps feel and behave the same way. By following the guidelines, you will be able to make an app that the user loves and the client!

3.       Listen to your client -
This is the most important tip and probably the most ignored by developers these days. You need to firstly, research well and listen to your users about how they want their application to respond. In this way, you and your client will be satisfied after the completion of the project.

4.       Fragmentation -
You need to be aware of the fragmentation. You must know the demographics of the market. Also, screen size, resolutions should be kept in mind while developing an app for Android devices.

5.       Optimization of the apps - 
Users hate the apps which take too long to open and respond and take a whole lot of space in their mobile phones.  If the app size and response are kept in consideration then there is a great chance for the success of the application.

6.       Develop for devices -
You must develop an application for more than one device. It should be compatible with most devices. The more the compatibility is, the more users will get attached to your application.


With this, we come to the end of this blog, we hope that these tips will help you become a good android developer. Just follow these tips and you are good to create a flawless android application!

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