Tools every Android Developer must know

Tools every Android Developer must know

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In this blog, we will discuss the tools in Android Development that every developer must know for the better outcome of the applications.

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As you know, Android is booming the market share as compared to the IOS and other mobile operating systems. Majority of the population in India and abroad use Android smartphones because it is cheaper and easy to maintain. When a developer creates an app for Android, he/she must know that it is important to keep certain aspects in mind before developing an app.

We will discuss 6 tools that are important in Android Development –

i.                     Android studio

ii.                   Android SDK

iii.                  Android debug bridge

iv.                 B4A

v.                   Fabric

vi.                 Mockplus

So, without any further delay, grab your pen and a notebook and let’s get started –


Tools in Android Development  -

1.       Android studio -
It is the official IDE for Android and it contains everything you need to build an app. It helps you build quality applications with its amazing features like visual layout, APK analyzer, fast simulator, and much more! The latest version of Android Studio is 3.2!

2.       Android SDK -
SDK is a software development kit for Android. It has a complete set of debugging and development tools. The latest version of the Android SDK is 26.1.1 and has features like platform tools, documentation, example, Google API, and much more!

3.       Android Debug Bridge -
It is a debugging tool that is used in Android Development. It is a client-server tool that has main 3 components for the developer -
i.  A client that sends commands
ii. A daemon (ADBD) that runs the command on the device
iii. A server that manages the communication between the client and the ADBD.

4.       B4A -
It stands for Basic4Android which is a simple yet powerful Android application development environment. It helps in compiling the code into Android native apps without the support of the runtime environments.  It has features like developing android with a simple programming language, visual editor, and wireless debugging.

5.       Fabric -
It is a tool that helps you build better apps, learn about your users, and grow your business on analytical data. It also provides data about the user’s activity and where users are most likely to interact with the application.

6.       Mockplus -
It is considered the most important and best tools of the Android Development. It provides an android component library for download and offers APP prototype design samples. It also helps you to manage your team!


With this, we come to the end of this blog, we hope that these tips will help you become a good android developer. Just follow these tools and you are good to create a flawless android application!

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