Programming Languages for Android

Programming Languages for Android Development

In this blog, we will discuss the programming languages that you can use for Android Development.

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We are already aware that there are many programming languages available. But to choose the best for Android Development, it is very important for a seamless experience.

Can you tell me how many hours do you spend using your smartphone? There is no count to it! right? What makes you stick to their smartphones with such dedication? It is the experience which it provides and the applications that you choose and are hooked up to.

What actually makes these applications run so smooth on your mobile phones. It is the programming language on which it is built.

While we know that Java is the official language for Android Development, there are many other programming languages as well which you can use.

We will mention 6 programming languages-

1.       Java

2.       Kotlin

3.       C++

4.       C#

5.       Python

6.       HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Let us know about each one of them in brief –

1.       Java -
It is considered the official language for Android Development and is also the most used language. the apps which you see in the play store are most of them built on Java. It is also supported by Google. Also, it has a great community for any kind of problems which you might face.

2.       Kotlin -
It is used as a replacement for Java. Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language. It can interoperate with Java and it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is considered as the second official language after Java for Android Development.

3.       C++ -
An app cannot be created using just C++. However, it can be used by Android Native Development Kit (NDK). This enables to use of the C++ code libraries for the application as required.

4.       C# -
It is quite similar to Java and hence it can be used in place of Java in Android Development. The coding on C# is easier because of its clean and simple syntax. So, you could definitely go with C# to create an Android Application of your choice.

5.       Python –
Though Native Python Development is not supported by Android Development; you can still use Python for development. It is done via various tools that convert Python apps into Android packages that are easier to run on Android devices.

They Can be used in creating Android applications by using the Adobe PhoneGap framework which is powered by Apache Cordova. So, you could basically use this language to create applications.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that this list of the programming language will be useful for you to make an informed decision on the language you are comfortable using.

All the best!

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