How to become an Android Developer?

How to become an Android Developer

Do you know what it takes to build a Mobile App which is appreciated and accepted by everyone globally? There is a whole team of dedicated professionals who work day and night to build an app that satisfies and reaches their target audience.

 It takes a lot of efforts and experience to become a successful Android Developer.

Before moving forward, we will know what are the roles and responsibilities of an Android Developer and then will further move on and know how can one become a successful Android Developer?

You know every field requires people who excel and has most of the relevant skills for that particular profession. Why will any company invest in you? They need someone who can contribute to the company’s growth.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Android Developer-

An Android Developer is basically a software developer who builds for the Android marketplace. They make our lives easier by building apps that are user-friendly and can lessen the burden off our shoulders.  He/she creates simple apps for the most complex apps.

The roles and responsibilities of an Android Developer include –

(i)                  Should be able to design and build Android Application.

(ii)                Should be able to work in a team, so that there are fewer bugs

(iii)               Should be able to work with API and data sources

(iv)               Should be able to fix bugs and minor issues that hamper the application

(v)                Should be aware of the new market trends and should know how to inculcate them in his development.

Moving on, there might be questions that are going on your head. Check out our blogs on Android Development to have a clear idea about what Android Development is all about.

How can you become a successful Android Developer?

The first rule to becoming an Android Developer is that you need to have a need to learn the skills right. If you are a beginner and want to make your career in Android Development then check the course offered by us Android Development course.

There are certain skills that we have listed below, so that you can check it out if you think you already are a master of that particular skill.

1.       Well- aware of Android - Should have a strong knowledge of Android SDK and its different versions

2.       Programming Language – Should have a clear knowledge of JAVA and Kotlin

3.       Android Pattern – Should have knowledge of Android pattern, its UI design, and the best practices.

4.       MySQL – should have a knowledge of SQL and should be able to work on it.

5.       Code – Should have knowledge of Code versioning tools like Git.

6.       APIs – Should have knowledge on APIs that connect Android services to back-end services.

7.       Experience – Should be familiar with working with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning.

8.       Design Application – Should be able to design applications around UI.

9.       Understanding- Ability to understand business requirements and capability to turn those requirements into technical results.

10.   Familiarity – Should be familiar with cloud message APIs and push notifications.

11.   Google – Understanding Google’s principle and interface guidelines.


Now you know what it takes to become a successful Android Developer. Practice these skills and with time and experience, you will master these skills.

If you have any doubt regarding the course or syllabus, kindly drop a message or call us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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