Everything About Android Developer

Everything About Android Developer

In this blog, we will talk about everything about an Android Developer and their roles, responsibilities and skills needed to develop an Android Application.

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Who is an Android Developer?

An Android Developer is a software developer who specializes in designing the applications for the Android Operating system. As you know that Android is the competitor of Apple’s IOS, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best Android Developer that will give results that are user-friendly and is appreciated by others. In simplest terms, Android Developers create applications that we use on our smartphones and tablets.

They are responsible for developing, designing, and enhancing the application for the Android marketplace.

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Moving on, now you know who is an Android Developer, we will know about –

1.       Responsibilities of an Android Developer

2.       Roles of an Android Developer

3.       Skills Required

Responsibilities of an Android Developer-

(i)                  Design Phase

(ii)                Development Phase

(iii)               Submission Process

In today’s time, an Android Developer is handling both the designing and the submission part. Basically, their roles and responsibilities include –

(i)                  Build applications for the Android marketplace.

(ii)                Work with data sources and APIs

(iii)               Work to improve bugs

(iv)               Improve application performance

(v)                Research about new trends in Android Development

(vi)               To perform unit test

Skills required for an Android Developer are –

(i)                  Degree in Computer Science. Engineering or any other similar subject

(ii)                Android Development skills

(iii)               Experience in software development

(iv)               Android app development experience

(v)                Experience to publish app on Google Play Store

(vi)               Experience of Android SDK kit

(vii)             Working with APIs and third-party libraries

(viii)           Knowledge of mobile development cycle

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The demand for skilled Android developers will never go away. As we are approaching a more digital and tech-friendly world, the demand will only rise.

Also, it is important to keep yourself updated with the new trends in Android Development which will help you create a masterpiece applications.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. You should know everything about an Android Developer as this will give you a base where you can get started by keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind.

All the best!

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