6 Common Mistakes that Android Developers make

6 Common Mistakes that Android Developers make

You must be wondering about the title of the blog. What are the mistakes that Android Developers make? Who doesn’t like Android? It is free and customizable. Also, it is rapidly growing and the majority of the people have access to Android Operating System.

In this blog, we will talk about mistakes made by the Android Developers will help you correct those mistakes and make your work appreciable.

We will discuss the following topics –

i.                     IOS Development

ii.                   Developing for “your” Android Device

iii.                  Fragments

iv.                 Blocking the main thread

v.                   Bitmaps

vi.                 User’s Psychology

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –


6 common mistakes made by Android Developers –

1.       Developing for IOS-
Though this mistake is becoming quite rare these days because developers and companies are actually shifting to Android for development and loading their applications. You should know that majority of the people in the world are using Android Operating System and you surely would want to hit the right chord. Don’t you?

2.       Developing for “YOUR” Android Device -
It is possible that if you are focused on a particular device, your application will definitely look good on your device but the chance is rare that it will look good on all Android devices. It might take few developments before you get hold of this function. Just keep developing and experimenting and there you go! You will understand all the minute details of the development.

3.       Not using Fragments -
It has been a while since Android introduced fragments. It is like a building block that life cycles exist within the activity.  Fragments help in optimizing the optimizing for various screens and can be reused, combined, and positioned at will. You need to dig deep in Android to understand this.

4.       Blocking the main thread -
Main Thread has the purpose to keep the user interface responsive. You would understand how important it is to keep the UI responsive. If it is not smooth, your users will have a delayed feedback, and apps will stop responding. It will frustrate your users and they will switch to other applications that provide the same services.

5.       Bitmaps -
There are developers that don’t understand the concept of bitmaps in Android Development. Users love content! There is no two way about this. Images play a very important role in this, they create good impressions and leave a good impact on your users. Before an image is displayed on the screen it is uploaded on the memory and bitmaps are the most common way to do this.

6.       User’s Psychology -
There are a whole lot of processes that need to be addressed while you get success. If you want to get success in developing Android applications, it is important that you build an application according to the user’s psychology. Everything should be error-free and quick. Immediate responses and there you are! Already living up to the success.


With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that these mistakes will not be repeated by you in the future.

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