Benefits of Android Development

What is Android?

It is an Open-Source Mobile Software (OS) with huge user base and straightforward Mobile Application Development process.  It creates custom Mobile Apps which will solve customer problems and also increase their value of the business. It is built on Linux.

However, when it had been first launched in 2007, the response of the users was very low. After Google’s acquisition of the Android, the response from the users visibly grew.

Now, it’s in demand that it is competing against Apple IOS (backlink) and other popular Smartphone’s Operating System.

Talking about its benefits, we have got listed 7 major benefits of Android Development, which will help facilitate you to know more about the subject-

1. Open Source
Like we mentioned earlier that Android is an open-source mobile Operating System. It becomes one against the foremost major benefits that Android offers. It advantages from Licensing, Royalty-Free and Best Technology Framework offered by the Android Community.
Android Software Development Kit (SDK) (backlink) is open-source which implies that you will be able to interact with the community for the upcoming expansions of the Android Mobile Development.

2. Low Investment
It offers low investment and high Return of Interest (ROI). Since, Android has low barrier to entry and it also provides Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developing community of the Android which minimizes the licensing and development costs. The developer has to pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. It is divided into three stages-
Stage 1- App Design and Development
Stage 2- Testing
Stage 3- Hardware cost for testing and deploying Android Mobile Application.
With this, the end users gain an interactive application and the developer gets high ROI.

3. Multiple Sales Channels
Android can be deployed in different ways unlike other Mobile Applications that stick to only one medium of distribution. With Android, you don’t have to rely upon single market to distribute your applications. You can use third-party applications marketplace; form your own sales and distribution channels; you can give applications for vertical markets, development of new application stores or you can even place it on your website.
Your selection and choice of promotional strategy will only be in your hand and with this you can reach end number of users through multiple channels.

4. Easy Integration
It is ever-ready for customization. You can easily integrate the Mobile Application according to your convenience and business needs. It is the best when it comes to managing the application and process architecture.

5.  Easy Adoption
It is scripted in Java language (backlink) with the help of a rich set of libraries. Anyone who has knowledge of Java Language can easily build the Android Application. Many programmers find it easy to adopt and script code for Mobile Application Development in this Operating System. It is very adaptable for the programmers to transit the codes into Mobile Applications.

6. Security
It has enhanced security feature with several additional and in-built security features. It protects against malwares and viruses that can ruin the performance. So, security and reliability become benefits that are for long run and can help the user to maintain the consistency.

7. Reduced Time to Market (TTM)
If you want to have an edge over your rivals, it is the best option you can have. Experienced Android Developers can provide you with a faster and quicker Android Application with your desired features. Not only this, but if you want to have changes or modifications in the running app, you can do that as well!

So, Android Development offers a global reach and helps the developers to gain immense popularity. It also offers business-friendly features for added boost of the development. Since, now you are aware of its benefits. You will be able to make the correct choice.


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