Why is Android a Promising Career?

What is Android Development?

It is an Open-Source Mobile Software (OS) with a huge user base and straight forward Mobile Application Development process.  It creates custom Mobile Apps that will solve customer problems and also increase the value of the business. It is built on Linux.

However, when it had been first launched in 2007, the response of the users was very low. After Google’s acquisition of Android, the response from the users visibly grew.

In turn, it also increases the value of their business. In 2007, when it was first launched, the response and review from the users were very poor.

Ever since its demand increased to such level that it was competing against other mobile operating systems. The reach and hold in the market that it has now, is commendable.

If you are someone who is looking for a career opportunity in Android Development then you must know why Android Development is a promising career option for you. We have listed down reasons why it can be a promising career for you and your career growth.

Reasons for a promising career of Android Developers-


1.       Over 2 billion Android Users-
Currently, there are about 2 billion people using the Android Devices. This makes up for a good scope for future as the number will only increase in the coming years. As these numbers increase, the company and clients look for people who are good developers for Android. They are willing to pay the said amount because they require the best work.

2.       Demand for Android Developers-
As the previous point stated that the companies and clients look for people who have great skill in developing apps for Android. They are willing to pay good salary to them. Nowadays every company, big or small is hiring the developers. Be it  IT startup or companies like Wipro, Hcl etc. You have a good option if you are looking for a career that has growth.

3.       Challenging Field-
Android Development is a very challenging field and it requires day to day changes. The needs of the customers can change at any time and to match up to that it is very important that you challenge yourself and push your boundaries every time the new technology comes in. For the developers it is very nice as it grooms their skills and they have better problem solving skills and can find jobs with good salary.

4.       Career option only for engineers-
Android developers are qualified people who studies engineering or take up engineering as their degree.  Now, this career option is only applicable for the engineers and individuals with experience in programming. This limits the others to enter in this field thus widening your scope and chances.

5.       Advanced Skills-
Developers only need to have a handful of skills that include logical and analytical skills and this platform will provide you all the other skills that are needed for you to become a successful developer. These advanced skills will make them capable of becoming a mobile developer in a greater measure.

Hey! Now you know how this career option will be beneficial for you in the long run. Everything needs to be thought twice especially when it comes to your career. Take time and make the best decision. If you have any doubt regarding your career and want an expert opinion and guidance on the subject then you can contact us and talk to our experts.  They will guide you and know your skills and accordingly suggest your area.

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We wish you ALL THE BEST for your career!


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