Why is Android a Promising Career?

What is Android Development?

It is an Open-Source Mobile Software (OS) with a huge user base and straight forward Mobile Application Development process.  It creates custom Mobile Apps that will solve customer problems and also increase the value of the business. It is built on Linux.

However, when it had been first launched in 2007, the response of the users was very low. After Google’s acquisition of Android, the response from the users visibly grew.

In turn, it also increases the value of their business. In 2007, when it was first launched, the response and review from the users were very poor.

Ever since its demand increased to such level that it was competing against other mobile operating systems. The reach and hold in the market that it has now, is commendable.

If you are someone who is looking for a career opportunity in Android Development then you must know why Android Development is a promising career option for you. We have listed down reasons why it can be a promising career for you and your career growth.