The Process of Android Development

Android Development Process

In this blog, we will discuss the processes in Android Development.

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We all know that android applications have become a major part of our lives. Without it, you would feel lost and bored. But do you know that developing an app takes a lot of steps and processes? We will discuss the same in here-

Steps for developing an Android Application –

1.       Strategy

2.       Analysis and planning

3.       UI/UX Design

4.       App development

5.       Testing

6.       Deployment and support

Without further ado, let's know each of the steps in brief –

process of android development

1.       Strategy -
The first step is strategy. You need to plan everything out. You should have a concept of what app you want to make. Who will be your target audience? Your competition? The goals and objectives of your app? And of course, a mobile platform for your app. With this, all the cost that it will take.

2.       Analysis and planning -
In this phase, your app idea will start developing into reality. You will have to analyze the functional requirements for your app. Create a roadmap that will lead you to your destination of a full-fledged android application.

3.       UI/UX design -
The app design is important to deliver a seamless and easy user experience for your application. Make your app interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly. This phase will have a lot of developments going on for your android application.

4.       App development -
once your concept, planning, and designs are ready, you will move on to the next step of android development. In this step, you will have to concentrate on – (i) Back-end /server technology, (ii) APIs (iii) mobile app front-end.

5.       Testing -
Your app will have to go through the following tests after the development -
(i) User Experience testing
(ii) Functional Testing
(iii) Performance Testing
(iv)Security Testing
(v) Device and platform testing

6.       Deployment and Support -
You will have to submit your app to the app store. You will require your
(i) App’s title,
(ii) Description,
(iii) Category,
(iv) Keywords,
(v) Launch icon, and
(vi) App store screenshots.

android development process

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that Developing an Android app will become simpler and easier for you.

All the best!

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